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MorningStar chicken

Greta: 8/10. My favorite of all the ones I tried was this nugget. It had a cornbread consistency, was easy to make, and was the only one that didn’t make my stomach hurt. I must say it would be better with a more distinct flavor but the smell and cooking time was decent enough when comparing the struggles in cooking the rest. I put some points off because it lacked chicken flavor, but, overall I would eat this again.


Angelica:  9/10 I really liked this one but I am a bit biased since this is one of the ones I always eat. There is not a crazy distinct flavor from excessive seasonings or something, and  personally I like that it does not taste like actual meat. One thing I recommend for the chicken nuggets though is that they are cooked in the oven or an air fryer because when microwaved they become a big soggy and soft. 


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