Putting this album on the ‘Altar’


photo by Apple Music

On April 28, Kehlani released her new album “Blue Water Road.” The album has 13 tracks and is available on Youtube music, Apple Music, and Spotify.


Released on April 28, Kehlani’s new album “Blue Water Road” has ‘Everything’ R&B fans could ask for. With a shift from the typical hip-hop R&B vibe, the album truly captures the R&B soul side of Kehlani.    

This album is the third proper studio record released by Kehlani and, unlike the others, it shows the change in Kehlani’s music style – one that probably comes from the maturity of motherhood. While past albums like “SweetSexySavage” have a more pop and hip-hop vibe, the majority of the songs on “Blue Water Road” are slower and more sensual.

Despite being sung slower and softer, the bass and instrumental parts still do not disappoint. Songs like “Any Given Sunday” have slower lyrics in the beginning, but have a good base and eventually pick up. However, even the songs that remain slower paced have a good background sound, such as “Wondering/Wandering” featuring Thundercat and Ambré. No matter the pace, every song makes listeners want to go for a late night drive with the windows down and volume up. 

Some of the most notable songs on the album include “More than I Should” featuring Jessie Reyez, “Wish I Never,” and “Up at Night” featuring Justin Bieber. All of these songs, along with the other tracks, not only show her versatility but are also super catchy. 

Sadly not every song stood out – both of the interludes, “Shooter” and “Everything,” along with  the song “Altar” did not match the strength of the album. While not much is expected from interludes, short songs or instrumental put between larger songs, the two in “Blue Water Road” were not that catchy and were overall just boring. Then the song “Altar” was repetitive and gave off church vibes because of the way the chorus was sung. 

However, one of the best moments on the album was at the end of “Wondering/Wandering.” Kehlani ended the song with the voice of a baby speaking to her talking about blue water, which not only ended the album off on a sweet note but a very cute one. 

Whether listeners are looking for fast paced R&B or softer sensual R&B, “Blue Water Road” has it all and will be the album that keeps people ‘Up at Night.’