Growin’ on fans from the beginning


photo by Spotify

Released April 22 by Luke Combs, “Tomorrow Me” is the newest addition to Combs’ future album “Growin’ Up.” This song is very ‘country,’ not swaying into the pop genre, and a twist on the content fans are used to from Combs.

Luke Combs

Fans are used to teasers of upcoming new music from their favorite artists. Sometimes it will take longer than anticipated for an artist to release the music but when that moment comes, fans cannot seem to get enough. This is exactly what happened with Luke Combs’ latest song.

Released April 22, “Tomorrow Me” is surely a new favorite. This track is one of twelve songs expected to appear on Combs’ next album, “Growin’ Up”  dropping June 24. 

From the beginning, “Tomorrow Me” starts with an instrumental piece that screams country music, like something you would listen to driving down a dirt road with the windows down. This start is a great way to begin the song and the rest that follows does not disappoint either. When Combs starts singing, listeners can automatically tell “Tomorrow Me” is strictly country and does not sway towards the pop genre like many ‘country’ songs do now. The guitar and drums pair well for a country song anyone can slow dance to or blast through a speaker.

The song is about making decisions with an ex the night before that will be regretted in the morning. A lot of people may relate to this song but fans are not used to this kind of content from Combs. Although it is not necessarily a bad thing, some fans are not happy about the change. But, no matter the topic, “Tomorrow Me” is still a new favorite.

Between “Doin’ This,” previously  released , and “Tomorrow Me,” the new release, Combs has really out done himself and it is clear why he has named the album “Growin’ Up.” The album has so far told a different piece of Combs’ life story, giving fans a chance to relate with him even more. 

After the first listen, the audience finds themselves listening to “Tomorrow Me” a second time, then a third, and soon enough, it is on repeat for hours. 

The last album Combs released was in 2019 titled “What You See Is What You Get” and June 24 could not come any slower. Because of the success of “Tomorrow Me” and “Doin’ This,” the album is going to be one of Combs’ best yet.