SGA holds first senior prom since 2019

Taking group photos at prom is a tradition carried on by almost every high school senior, but not all have their photos taken in front of thousands of tourists. 

On Saturday, April 23, Hagerty held its annual senior prom at Universal CityWalk’s Hard Rock Cafe. This was the first prom held since 2019, as the two previous senior classes were interrupted by the spread of COVID-19.

“It was really exciting to know we were having prom this year,” student body president Anisa Mafarachisi said. “There hasn’t been a ‘normal’ prom since my freshman year, so it was good to be able to experience one myself before I graduated.”

Not only was this the senior’s first prom since COVID-19, but it was also a first for principal Robert Frasca, who started at Hagerty during the 2019-2020 school year.

“It was great to have prom this year,” Frasca said. “I always enjoy watching students dancing and having a good time, and this year’s seniors definitely did that.”

After four years of car washes and fundraisers, the class of 2022 Student Government Association was able to put on their “Night at the Met Gala,” which included gala curtains and a red carpet.

According to Mafarachisi, there were approximately 500 students in attendance, mainly consisting of seniors. However, underclassmen were also able to attend this event if invited by a senior to be their guest.  

Aside from dancing, other activities included a photo booth, specialty mocktails and the annual crowning of prom king and queen.

Like many of his peers, senior Andy Ayup had looked forward to prom since childhood, and the night did not disappoint.

After I first watched High School Musical 3, I loved the thought of going to prom,” Ayup said. “I think it was great. I really liked the food, the venue was so amazing and I was dancing with my friends the whole time.”

With the stress and baggage of the school year coming to a close, it is important to remember what the whole point of school events like prom are: for seniors to celebrate with their peers before a new chapter of their lives begin.

“I really think that when it comes to prom, it’s just about what you make of it,” Ayup said. “It’s fun to just let loose and dance with your classmates one last time before we all go our separate ways.”