You can’t look away from ‘The Weekend Away’


photo by imdb

Released on Mar. 3, “The Weekend Away” stars Leighton Meester (Beth) who has to clear her name after being accused of killing her friend. The movie will leave viewers always wanting to know what will happen next, and is definitely worth the watch.


With work and a child, you just need some time away from your hectic life, so you book the first flight you can for a getaway vacation with your best friend. However, your trip ends up being more stressful than expected – a missing person, a strange city and not a single person you recognize are all on the itinerary. 

Released March 3, Netflix’s original  “The Weekend Away” stars Leighton Meester (Beth), Christian Wolfe (Kate) and Ziad Bakri (Zain). The movie takes place in Croatia where Beth and Kate are on vacation. However, things take a turn for the worse when Kate ends up dead and the cops suspect Beth to be her murderer. 

Although the movie may not currently be a top Netflix pick, it should be. The main plot of the movie is Beth trying to prove that she is innocent by finding Kate’s real killer. With each second of the movie, new evidence is discovered, and the viewer is left on the edge of their seat. 

Moments like when the police questioned Beth or other people’s secrets being revealed leave viewers wondering: “Why did they do that?”, “What are they hiding?”, “Could they have killed Kate?” But up until the end, you are still left guessing: “Who killed Kate?”

Throughout the movie, there are suspenseful twists and turns for viewers. Between chasing the two men they saw before Kate died and Beth running from the cops, viewers are dying to know what will happen next.

“The Weekend Away” does not lack suspects. The movie creates a motive or way each person could have killed Kate, and the roster of suspects just continues to grow. 

The audience will be left trying to decide whether it was the creepy landlord, the seemingly kind taxi driver, the two club flings, the far away ex, the distant husband or maybe even the cops.  

While the movie was excellent, there were some unnecessary details. Details about Beth’s baby and when she and Zain talked about their love lives just seemed like filler details that were added to take up more screen time. Moments like these lacked any real development.

Despite these moments, “The Weekend Away” was worth it all the way down to the acting. All the actors did a great job at becoming their character and bringing them to life, like Meester.Meester had a lot of great scenes where you could feel the emotions she felt. When she was running from the cops or finding out that Kate had been murdered, viewers could feel either her fear, stress or sadness pouring through the screen. 

Up until the very last second of the movie, viewers are left guessing who did it, and the ending is unpredictable. While similar movies make the killer obvious from the beginning, “The Weekend Away” does a good job at not dropping major hints and making one person seem overly suspicious. 

Overall, the movie was anything but boring. Every scene was either filled with action packed or mysterious moments, preventing any dull moments. The directors did a good job at even making moments like Beth and Kate reuniting enjoyable to watch. 

“The Weekend Away” is one of the better murder mystery movies available on Netflix. With shock after shock, the movie does a great job of capturing the audience’s attention, and viewers are constantly left wondering what will happen next. It is definitely worth the watch and audience members will be guessing ‘who did it?’ the whole time.