Finding Carter finds more than expected


Haley Gaeser, Managing Editor

Imagine if your whole life was a lie. Every story you heard, picture you saw and even your birthday were all fake. Your mom, the person who you looked up to your whole life, was actually your kidnapper. This is what happened to Carter Steven’s in Finding Carter.
The show Finding Carter premiered on MTV on July 8 and it truly was a series that no one saw coming.
MTV is usually full of less-than-adequate shows on topics that most people would find worthless or not important. Finding Carter broke that barrier by being a TV show that made viewers really think about the world around them and left them wanting more each week.
Season one consisted of 12 episodes, with each one explaining more of Carter’s crazy life, like what happened with her bad-boy boyfriend Crash and what her backstabbing friend Bird did. Her struggle between her old life with her mom and her new life with her real family takes a huge toll on her as well.
The role of Carter Stevens is played by Kathryn Prescott, an actress, you would never guess had a strong British accent. She plays an excellent rebellious teenager and when watching the show, she portrays the emotion well. Her story is extremely believable.
The season was full of shocking twists in every episode and a lot of the things that happened in the show do happen to people in everyday life. Most people may not have been abducted as a child, but I am sure almost everyone has had family or relationship problems at some point in their life.
Finding Carter is full of betrayal, whether it be family or friendship based. The friends she meets along the way will hurt her and the bonds she forms with her new family will all break at some moment in the season, but Carter is strong and pushes through all obstacles.
Season two premieres in 2015 and I will be ready and waiting to catch up where season one left off.