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photo by Angelica Mendez

Dunkin’ Donuts


Caramel Coffee

Address: 3100 Alafaya Trail Ste 1018, Oviedo, FL 32765 


  • Coffee 
  • Caramel swirl 
  • Cream 
  • Sugar 
  • Milk 

Julia’s Review: 

7/10: This coffee was extremely sweet. The added sugar was not liquid sugar, so all I tasted was the sugar sitting at the bottom. You can kind of taste the actual coffee, which was nice, but it was a bit watered down and not as strong as I usually like my coffee. This is almost my go-to coffee order, except I do not add the sugar since it makes it too sweet. Without the sugar, this coffee is much better. 

Angelica’s Review: 

3/10: The Dunkin Donuts caramel coffee was ok compared to other caramel coffee options, like the one at Starbucks. Overall, it was not my favorite. While the caramel flavor was not too overpowering, it still had a stronger taste than the actual coffee itself. Along with that, the added cream and sugar made the coffee super sweet and it tasted more like just drinking sugar than actual coffee. While this could be a potential option if you like your coffee really sweet, I could not get through more than a couple sips.

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