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Vanilla Honey Lavender Coffee

Address: 12001 Collegiate Way, Orlando, FL 32817 


  • Regular milk 
  • Vanilla syrup 
  • Lavender syrup  
  • Honey 
  • Coffee 
  • Ice 

Julia’s Review: 

10/10: This one was so good and definitely one of my favorites. Even though it tasted a little flowery like the Pop Parlour coffee, this one was much better. The flavors blended so well together so not one individual flavor stood out. The coffee was not watered down and the creamy texture and sweet flavor were not overbearing and added to the coffee flavor. This coffee I would drink in one sitting.

Angelica’s Review: 

10/10: Overall, the coffee at Foxtail was the best. It was really good and did not taste too sweet or too bitter. The syrup flavors of vanilla and lavender went really well together and neither of them overpowered the other. Even with the syrups and honey, the coffee still had a distinct taste. While it was a little similar to the honey lavender at The Pop Parlor, it did not taste as sweet and flowery. The coffee was not too heavy and I had no problem finishing it.

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