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photo by Angelica Mendez

The Pop Parlour


Honey Lavender Coffee

Address: 4214 E Plaza Dr, Orlando, FL 32816 


  • Whole milk
  • Honey 
  • Lavender syrup (they make in house) 
  • Espresso 
  • Ice 

Julia’s Review:

5/10: This coffee tasted a little weird; it was almost flowery. The coffee itself was okay, as it was creamy and strong. It definitely does not taste like your normal cup of coffee.i wouldn’t talk about this hypothetically since you actually did drink it. I only took a couple sips since it was so different — and not in a good wayAfter a while of not drinking it, the next sip is not as good as the first one. The straws that came with the coffee are made of plant stems, which is cool, as long as you do not bite it.

Angelica’s Review: 

6/10: The honey lavender coffee here was not awful, but the lavender syrup made it taste really flowery, which detracts from the taste of the actual coffee. While the coffee was not gross it would be a better option for those with a sweet tooth. The straws here also just felt weird to use as straws because they seemed like they were bamboo. Even so, the coffee shop was really cute and would be a good place to study and get a coffee. I could not finish this coffee because it is way too sweet and tastes like flowery milk. 

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