Band holds pre-MPA concert


photo by Sarah Hinnant

Brad Kuperman conducts the Wind Ensemble during their annual Rhapsody in Blue concert. The Wind Ensemble is one of three groups performing at MPA.

Bracing for their most important performance of the year, the Concert band, Symphonic band and Wind Ensemble performed in a pre-Musical Performance Assessment concert on Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. 

“We have always had a pre-MPA concert because it is an opportunity for the band to perform before they have to play and be adjudicated,” band director  Brad Kuperman said. 

Kuperman, although impressed with the band’s performance, acknowledges that there are still kinks left to work out during the week leading up to MPA. They hope to make finishing touches during their next rehearsal on Monday, Feb. 24.

“They are in a good spot and there was not anything concerning, but there is still room to grow,” Kuperman said. 

Aside from serving as a progress check, the concert also gave parents a chance to attend the concert before their evaluation for free. 

“I’m glad I got to show my parents what we were playing,” junior Hailey West said. “They said that they’ve missed watching us perform.”

For the upcoming assessment, Concert band, Symphonic band and Wind Ensemble are expected to play three prepared pieces of music followed by sight reading – playing music that they have never seen before. The bands will then be ranked by their overall score, based on their tonality, accuracy and musicianship. Although the bands have received Superior rankings in years previous, their score is not Kuperman’s main concern. 

“We want them to have the best performance we can,” Brad Kuperman said. “It’s more about that they played all the music the best that they can play it, and that they enjoyed doing it.”