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A breath of fresh hair

Students experiment with different hairstyles in order to express themselves. Which one would suit you best?



For bold, adventurous and brave people, a split dye is the perfect hairstyle.

Standing in the bathroom with latex gloves and bottles of bleach, sophomore Kay McAdams made the decision to split dye his hair, with only the help of a friend and some store-bought dye. Though the hairstyle requires a great deal of deep conditioning and hair masks, McAdams feels that the hairstyle is suitable for almost anyone who wants to try something new with their hair. The style requires frequent touch-ups, but is still manageable for those who prefer quick styling, according to McAdams.

“It’s a super nice combo and super easy to change up the colors,” McAdams said. “I only touch up my roots every two to four weeks. It’s pretty low-maintenance.”

Most people with split dyed hair decide to leave one side of their hair natural and change the other to a bright color. However, some prefer to bleach both sides and leave one blonde. Sophomore Levi Cal-Rivera has experimented with many different colors, but decided fun colors, like neon pink, were his favorite. 

“A split dye is a fun alternative to a basic dye job,” Cal-Rivera said. “I can always make the bleached side any color I want.” 

For those who enjoy experimenting with their hair as if it is a blank canvas, a split dye is a great option. It allows for a vivid pop of color without causing bleach damage to all hair, and is easily manageable.

“I absolutely love [my split dye],” McAdams said. “It’s so pretty and fluffy and it really makes me happy and helps me find another way to express myself.”

photo by Areli Smith


A shaved head is the perfect hairstyle for anyone who wants a bold look with just a few minutes of upkeep every couple weeks.

A viral trend across social media platforms, the shaved head hairstyle has made a comeback. Often seen as a spontaneous, you-only-live-once style, it provides a clean hair slate to anyone who wants it, as well as a big change from long to short hair. Though the shaved head is typically a masculine style, it can work for all kinds of people, including senior LeeAnn Andrews, who shaved her head three years ago.

“I shaved my head because my hair was unhealthy, and I just wanted to start over,” Andrews said. 

While a shaved head can be kept simple and natural, it can also be dyed or styled in different ways. Junior Gavin Fishman shaves most of his head, but keeps a line of hair in the middle of his scalp to create a thin man bun. 

“I really enjoy this hairstyle, as I’ve had it since third grade,” Fishman said. “I’ve gone completely short a few times and I regretted it so much.”

Similarly, Andrews experimented with different dye colors on the little bit of hair she left on her head.

“I dyed it blue, blonde, and black. I chose blue for the longest because I thought it was a fun color and something that I hadn’t done before,” she said.

photo by Areli Smith


Box braids are a great style for those who want to limit their use of heat products and promote hair growth.

Growing up, sophomore Amy Desroches saw unlimited possibilities with her box braids. Sprucing them up with shiny beads and different color braiding hair, she became confident and comfortable with her unique style. 

 “I’ve been braiding my hair ever since I was a little girl,” Desroches said. “This hairstyle is one of my favorites and I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing it, to be honest. It just feels like a part of me and my culture.”

Box braids is a protective hairstyle that is popular in African-American culture. The style promotes hair growth in extremely curly hair while preventing damage from heat tools. Typically, those who have box braids are able to pick any color or length of braids that they desire, which adds to its popularity, according to freshman Misa Gibbs.

“Even if you struggle to maintain your hair, you don’t always have to straighten it to look like everybody else,” Gibbs said. “You can wear it in so many ways and styles and have it in your own unique way to express yourself.”

There is not a cut-and-dry way to care for box braids. Care methods can range from frequently washing them to simply keeping them in a bonnet at night, and is dependent on the person wearing the braids. Regardless, both Desroches and Gibbs feel that the style is low-maintenance. 

 “My goal was to not have to do my natural hair for a couple of months,” Gibbs said. “There’s so many different hair products we use and I always use different ones to experiment on which one is the best for my hair.”

Box braids are not only a useful style for hair protection and growth, but they also provide a creative and cultural outlet. 

“Braids really help me express myself, which is why I get them so much,” Gibbs said. “I get to pick colors and the style and they’re just me.”

photo by Areli Smith



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