Admin hosts Curriculum Night for incoming freshmen


photo by Sophia Canabal

Sophomore Malou Anderson talks to a parent about African American Studies, a course that was recently added to students’ curricular options.

Although this year has yet to end, counselors and administrators are already jumping ahead to prepare for next year, and a vital part of which has been handling course registration. On Wednesday, Feb. 9, staff and administration held Curriculum Night to inform rising freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors about their curricular options for next year. 

“Curriculum Night is just ‘Here’s how you can get involved’ and ‘Here’s what we have,’” principal Robert Frasca said. 

The night began with an informative session on graduation requirements, course selection  and diplomas in the auditorium presented by principal Robert Frasca and student counselors Nick Maby and Erin Issacs, followed by a brief theater, chorus and band presentation. Attendees were then directed to either the old gym and cafeteria, where teachers and students presented course options and answered questions. 

 Although registration cards for the upcoming school year were due previous to Curriculum Night, administration plans to keep the registration process flexible by allowing students to meet with their counselors before schedules are final. 

“Nothing is final with registration yet, and students are still going to meet with their counselors individually after curriculum night,” Frasca said. “If a student finds something that they want to take, we can still change that on time.”

Among those representing their electives, members of the Leadership class seized the opportunity to showcase the best aspects of their program by decorating a tri-fold board with stickers, photos, and twinkle lights. 

“Everyone in the pictures we put up look like they are having fun, and that’s a big part of why I’m in Leadership,” senior Riley Sophia said. “So when [freshmen] look at the pictures of all of us dressed up or at events, they always ask us more questions about what we do.”

Besides fine arts, world languages and general electives, the math, science, language arts and social studies departments were also given an opportunity to showcase their courses. Algebra and Precalculus teacher Aglaia Christodoulides attended to represent the honors level math track, one that can be intimidating to incoming freshmen. 

“I would say more than 30 people came up to us,” said Christodoulides. “There were a lot of parents and incoming freshmen with questions about where to go from Algebra I and whether they should retake it.”

Administration has been unable to host curriculum night in-person since January 2020, having to hold the event through a virtual conference last year due to COVID. This year, however, holding the event in person was a top priority. 

“Originally, our plan was to do [Curriculum Night] in January but medical professionals told us that we would start seeing a decline with [Omicron] come February,” Frasca said. “We really felt it was important to do a face-to-face Curriculum Night more than anything because we wanted students and parents to be able to interact with their teachers.”