Choir sells message lollipops for Valentine’s Day fundraiser

Dynali Weerackoon reads a message that was given to her by the chorus group.

photo by Zaima Aurora

Dynali Weerackoon reads a message that was given to her by the chorus group.

Cherry flavored candy, pink cards and heart shaped chocolates. As Valentine’s season began, friends and couples scrambled to buy gifts for their loved ones. The Voices of Hagerty choir provided an option. 

Starting the week with a sweet message and treat, choir students distributed lollipops with messages during the first period for Valentine’s Day. Students received pink slips with messages from friends and loved ones with jokes or meaningful messages inside them.

“I received a lollipop and message from my friend, kind of as an inside joke,” senior Tessa Monroe said. “It was funny to see what she wrote and it made my day.”

These messages were sold for one dollar during the week of Feb. 7, with the last day to order being Feb. 11. Those who wished to buy a lollipop and message had to contact one of the choir students or go to the chorus room where a form would be given with information and a note to be filled out. Students had to give paperwork back at the time of the order for a smooth distribution. These messages had no word limit and could be sent anonymously, letting students receive messages from secret admirers, friends, and partners.

“Apart from supporting the arts and your peers, this event allows students to buy something nice and special for their friends, teachers or for themselves with an encouraging and loving message,” senior Ariah Todriff said.

By buying these sweet messages, students were actively supporting chorus and helping them buy music sheets and instrumentalists in order to sing Vivaldi Gloria, a 30 minute master work which they will perform in their spring concert on April 21. The goal was to raise $1,000 for accompanists: two violinists, a cellist, and a harpsichordist. They raised $1,200, which will be bolstered by the funds from concert admission fees, choir dues and their Boon sale.

“This music is an academic challenge for them since it was written almost 400 years ago and takes high levels of skill to perform accurately,” choir sponsor, Christopher Hickey said.

Choir students have scrambled to prepare for their upcoming performance, and although the fundraiser provides much-needed financial support, there are still obstacles that the choir has yet to face. 

The students have not had the opportunity to perform with orchestral instruments in our auditorium so this will be a good challenge for them.” Mr. Hickey said.