Hell heroes from heaven

Hell heroes from heaven

photo by QooApp

Sitting there, eyes locked on the screen, desperately trying to avoid the boss orbs as shots are returned, and using your special attacks sparingly. In the second wave the first fighter is lost, then the second, but with the third the boss is down to a quarter health on his last wave. Then a finger slips; the final fighter dies and the game is over.

Released Jan. 26, “Bullet Hell Heroes” is a tough yet addicting mobile game that takes a lot of inspiration from the classic game, “Space Invaders.” This is basically just another free shoot and kill enemies game; but this game made it modern. It has many upgradeable fighters, starting with three and gaining a new one after defeating each boss. Like “Minecraft,” after an enemy is killed their points drop from them and players have to collect those points before the game screen scrolls too high.

“Bullet Hell Heroes” is also very hard, likely taking at least four or five tries and upgrading at least one fighter to complete the first level. This game is very smart as the upgrades are not just something you can live without, so you will need to constantly play to lose or play previously defeated bosses to save up for upgrades to defeat harder bosses.

“Bullet Hell Heroes” is not for those who are impatient though, it takes a lot to constantly play it, but it is no doubt a fun and addicting game that many will enjoy.