Registration begins for 2022-2023


photo by Greta Carrasco

Senior Michael Maschhoff and Marlie Tollefson reading curriculum guides.

As February approaches, counselors began registering students for the upcoming school year by presenting graduation requirements, important dates and curriculum  changes during science classes throughout the week of Jan. 10.

“Students should review curriculum guides and the classroom presentations, which are available online,” school counselor McKenzie Kaplan said. “They should know their demographic information, the courses they are selecting, due dates, ways to submit schedule changes throughout the year and the information presented at curriculum night.”

 Counselors started meeting during lunch for questions about credits and registration starting Jan.19; further dates can be found in classroom PowerPoint or principal updates. Those who fail to turn in their registration card by Jan. 28 will have classes chosen for them.

The curriculum has various changes in store for next year, such as trigonometry and liberal arts being replaced by Mathematics for College Algebra and Mathematics for College Liberal Arts. The electives Painting and African American Studies have also been added as electives.

Most of the changes this year happened in math because the state has changed which courses we can offer,” assistant principal Kristi Draus said.

Curriculum night will take place Feb. 9 for an overview of courses, questions for teachers and extracurricular or athletics classes that are available at Hagerty. Also in February, counselors will pull individuals out of class in order to discuss their credit, class choices and final changes for next semester’s schedule.

Administration starts registration in January and will continue throughout May in order to ensure students have time to gather information and are able to have discussions with teachers and parents and make final decisions about their seven period schedule.