Lit Mag holds second meeting


photo by Sarena Wilkerson

On Jan. 12, junior Caitlyn Hale holds a meeting in journalism teacher Brit Taylor’s classroom to discuss the Literary Magazine. This was the second meeting of the school year and the group talked about themes, submissions and a possible title.

Filled with student photography, writing and illustrations, the creation of the school’s first literary magazine is underway. On Jan. 12, the five Literary Magazine members met in journalism teacher Brit Taylor’s room, 6-201, to solidify plans and clear up confusion.

“We were just trying to come up with a plan for getting submissions, what the magazine’s going to look like, [and] what the name [is] going to be,” Taylor said. “[We] just [wanted] to figure out how we’re going to get the word out.”

The group decided to have a name contest in order to figure out what the title of the magazine will be. This way, students can have a say too.

This year, Taylor and Lit Mag leader Caitlyn Hale wanted to introduce a publication that showcases literary works from anyone in the student body, which led to the creation of Lit Mag. It is a student-led magazine made up of 32 pages of students’ artistic work. Although the release date has not been set in stone, Taylor and Hale said that the magazine will come out at the end of the school year.

Hale said that she and Taylor found inspiration for the magazine’s theme from FSPA and NSPA entries. So far, there has only been one submission for Lit Mag by junior Janell Lim – a short story titled “Guilty.” 

“Lit Mag is a great opportunity for writers who are just starting out or never have been published,” Lim said. “It lets you get your work out there and maybe receive some feedback on it, which I think is valuable to any aspiring writer.”

There is a link leading to a Google form for students to submit any work they want to be featured in Lit Mag. 

The next meeting for Lit Mag will be held in Taylor’s room, 6-201, tentatively on Feb. 2.