Duned from the start


photo by variety.com

Released in theaters Oct. 1 and on HBO max Oct. 22. “Dune” follows Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet) has he travels to a different planet and discovers his unique abilities.

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Insane plots, crazy adventures, great actors: “Dune” had the look of a great movie. However, the two hours and 30 minutes spent watching the film provided letdown after letdown. The film follows Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet), who must go to one of the most dangerous planets to help his family while also navigating his remarkable gift of dreams that seem to predict the future.

Despite having exciting action scenes in “Dune,” it lacks enough detail to fill the whole film. Instead of creating more epic fight scenes or giving minor background characters more time, the film was filled with pointless moments of someone going to bed or planes preparing to leave to take people through the desert. 

Overall, the plot was very confusing. Between the excessive groups of people following the relationship and motives of every group was very obnoxious. Connections were unclear and the audience had to try to guess whose side everyone was on. Characters like the Reverend Mother worked for the empire but at the same time seemed to be working against it. 

The film never answered big questions like why everyone cares about Paul, why the people of Atreides were sabotaged, and what is the importance of the blue-eyed people. 

Although there were some redeeming qualities, like a few stellar actors and attention to detail in costumes, the overall movie was slow, confusing and not worth the time.