Chorus hosts ‘A Musical Night at the Movies’


photo by Hagerty Chorus

The Huskafellas perform “Hakuna Matata” at the chorus concert on Oct. 21. The concert consisted of songs from famous movies and musicals.

Performing songs from famous musicals and movies to a full auditorium, the chorus department held their second concert of the year on Oct. 21, titled “A Musical Night at the Movies.” The event consisted of 25 performances, and all chorus classes participated.

The concert began with Voices of Hagerty singer Kenna Gay’s performance of “Touch the Sky” from the movie Brave, and was followed by various other solo, duet and group performances. Those interested in performing a solo or duet were required to audition with their own unique song. 

“I love the movie theme for this concert,” concert choir member Corbin Whitlow said. “It gave us a wide variety of songs to choose from, whether it was from a musical or a Disney movie.”

To prepare for the concert, all chorus classes selected songs, wrote in solfege, learned the notes and eventually added the words. Solfege, commonly recognized as do-re-mi, is often the first step in becoming comfortable with a song. Hagerty singer Kritika Subramaniam feels that this concert allowed her to improve greatly. 

“Preparing for this concert allowed me to understand tone more,” Subramaniam said. “I also had a solo, which helped me learn how to have good stage presence.” 

Last year, because of COVID-19, chorus concerts had limited capacity and quieter crowds. At this concert, however, tickets sold out and the auditorium was packed with friends, family and school staff. 

“Only a certain number of people were allowed into each concert last year, and it was a little sad,” Whitlow said. “It was really nice to see that many people enjoy each performance again.”

The chorus department will now prepare for their winter concert, which will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door.