Freshman football speared by Seminoles

Justin Baronoff, Staff Reporter

On Oct. 1, the freshmen football team lost at home to Seminole High School 21-14 due to lack of offensive flow and poor tackling.

“We need to improve on tackling,” Coach Sean Rivera said. “We’ve had two weeks of rain and we really haven’t been out there enough to practice tackling, so hopefully we can take care of it for next week.”

Freshmen running-back Oliver Hart and wide receiver Chris Martini, each finished with one touchdown despite the loss.

“We were playing good for the first half, but then it just went downhill toward the end of the 3rd quarter,” Hart said. This was due to many injuries, one of which was sustained by Hart, and the rainy weather.

“In order to win we just need to come out and play all four quarters effectively,” Townsend said.

The team, now 3-2, hopes to get back on track as they face Lake Mary next week on Oct 8.

“We just need to improve and keep playing harder next game,” Hart said. “We need to keep our minds straight on the second half.