Sharing is not always caring

Haley Gaeser, Managing Editor

I do not know who said it was okay for sick students to go to school, but whomever it was, was nuts.
This school is like one big petri dish. When one person sneezes in building three, another person gets sick in building seven. There is no stopping it.
Just picture it: some kid sneezes on his hand while in class and goes to get a tissue-oh wait, many classrooms do not have tissues. The next option is hand sanitizer, but sadly it is not available either. Then there is always the option of the bathroom and missing part of an important lecture.
In the end, the student stays at their desk until class ends and then proceeds to use the bathroom. There are two major problems with this: the door handle they used is now contaminated and the desk they sat in is a germ-infested mess.
The next thing you know, the whole school has the flu, which for some might be good, but in reality, nobody’s got time for that.
But really, to be honest, if you are sick stay home. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, wants someone sick sitting next to them in class, especially if they are coughing the whole period. You will not receive nice looks, trust me. I know from experience. Stay home for a day and keep your germs to yourself.
Sure, you may miss a day of school and if you have too many absences you may need to attend Saturday school or you may even fail and not graduate. However, saving the school as a whole from sickness is what really matters. Take one for team (or the school) and keep your germs to yourself. Show and tell ended in elementary school and even back then, no one wanted to share your germs.