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photo by Julia Sumpter

Dance- Alexis Evans

The equipment bag for sophomore Alexis Evans, who is on the varsity dance team.
  1. Shorts – “I bring shorts every week because after games I like to change into shorts instead of leggings because they are all sweaty.”
  2. Pirouette – Helps to turn on the gym floor without slipping
  3. Black socks – While performing, they “aren’t allowed to show [their] ankles” so they use the socks to cover them 
  4. Black Tennis Shoes – They use these shoes on the track so they do not damage their other shoes
  5. Ankle Brace – “I was on pointe and rolled my ankle, and now I strained it a little bit, so the ankle brace just compresses it a little bit to make it not hurt as much.”
  6. Hairspray – Used to keep their “hair slicked back” so when they perform it does not get in their face. 
  7. Ribbons – In their hair for game days.
  8. Brushes – Smooth out hair. 
  9. Purple Clip – Keeps hair out of their face when doing makeup; “It is cosmetology certified and it holds your hair up better.”
  10. Makeup- Used to keep their faces from looking “washed out in front of the lights from the football field.” 


* Pointe shoe – “I have a pointe shoe on the tip of my bag that I always carry with me, because I am a ballet dancer and when I do things that aren’t ballet I know that with the pointe shoe that that’s like my home.” 


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