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Upcoming play audition

The theater department will hold auditions for the play Bone Chiller! which will be held Sept. 21 and 22 from 2:30 to 5 p.m. in the auditorium. The play is a comedy, mystery thriller about 13 people who arrive to read a will letter left by a wealthy eccentric. Students interested in auditioning must be enrolled or be zoned to Hagerty, be able maintain a 2.5 GPA, and have a passion for theater. 

“ I am looking for students that can clearly portray the needs of each character. Characters that can tell the whole story with their words, actions, and emotions,” Theater teacher Jamaal Solomon said. “This show is a fun murder mystery. Come out and audition even if it is just for experience.”


Junior prom fundraiser

Due to COVID-19, the student government had to drastically lower the budget for next year’s prom. Because of this, the class of 2021 is asking for donations, which can give this class a prom that they deserve. Donations can be made through teamworks with this link

They set a goal to raise $15,000, and $1,810 have been donated so far. Donations will close Oct. 1, but parents and businesses are able to donate directly to the class any time they please by sending a check made out to Hagerty High School SGA Class of 2023.

“Prom is a lifetime opportunity. It is one night that students will not forget,” class of 2023 sponsor Tawni Small said.


Senior lunch kicks off upcoming senior privileges

Senior privilege lunches began Sept. .During designated senior lunch days, students are allowed to leave campus during lunch and seventh period to buy food and enjoy their seniorship. In order to participate in senior lunch, students must complete and notarize the form that can be found on their class’ eCampus page.

 “I signed up for [senior lunch] to have an opportunity to make memories with my friends this year,” senior Emily Cobb said. “ We missed out on a lot last year, and this is an opportunity to make up for a little bit of that.” 

All seniors are eligible to participate as long as they return to campus by the beginning of their fifth or sixth period.


Administration wraps up ID distribution with campus rounds

On Sept. 10, administrators visited classrooms to ensure that students were well-informed about the ID distribution process and requirements.

“[Student IDs] are an expectation that Principal Frasca has been announcing every morning, and it’s for safety reasons that we really need students to get on board with this,” Vice Principal Rosha said. 

According to Rosha, most IDs have been distributed, but if a student was absent and did not receive an ID, they may visit the media center to print out and receive a replacement. 


ROTC hosts blood drive on Sept. 9

The upcoming annual blood drive will be held this Thursday, Sept. 9. It is overseen, coordinated and sponsored by JROTC program and the blood donation organization, One Blood. The main purpose is to help save lives by providing blood to patients who need it. 

“Every two seconds of every day, someone needs blood,” Chief Enrius Collazo said. “Since blood cannot be manufactured outside the body and has a limited shelf life, the supply must constantly be replenished by generous blood donors.”

ROTC is asking all those willing to donate to take precautionary measures against COVID-19, such as wearing a mask and cleaning their hands after. Students ages  16 and 17 can register with parental permission during their assigned lunches or with QR codes located around campus.


Virtual open house starts Sept. 7

On Sept. 7, the school held its second virtual open house. Due to new coronavirus data, administration made the decision to keep this year’s open house online.

We had a very good response to this event last year, so I expect that the response will be positive again,” principal Robert Frasca said.

Administration hopes the virtual open house is beneficial to parents and works with their schedules. Parents will be able to watch videos uploaded by teachers at any time of the week, allowing for flexibility and easy access. 


French honors society holds first meeting 

On Aug. 26, the French National Honors Society held its first meeting of the school year in room 7-224. Club sponsor Pam Lynch, along with club leadership, looks forward to the new opportunities for celebrations and activities that the upcoming school year has to offer, as precautions against COVID-19 become more lenient. French Week, during which French Honors Society members run morning announcements, appear on WOOF TV, and integrate French culture into life on campus, is one of these activities. “This year, because of the lighter restrictions that we have, everyone in the club is really excited,“ Lynch said. 


ID distribution begins during first and second lunch 

On Aug. 27, admin began the ID distribution process during the first and second lunch. The process was headed by assistant principal Kristi Draus. Although the distribution process was expected to be complete by Aug. 28, administration decided to postpone it to the following Monday in order to provide every student with an up-to-date ID. “We are trying to get 1400 IDs out to kids, but leadership has been really helpful in the process,”  Draus said. “They’ve been the ones handing [ID’s] out at lunch.” Administration plans to send student IDs through teacher boxes starting Tuesday to speed up the distribution process.

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