News Briefs

(11/22/2021) Spanish Honor Society holds Operation Christmas Child 

The Spanish Honor Society held their yearly community service project, Operation Christmas Child, from Nov.15 through Nov.22. The project consisted of filling shoe boxes with toys and other necessities for children around the world. In total, 16 boxes were filled and sent to Samaritan’s Purse, a humanitarian aid organization that provides physical help to those in need. These boxes were delivered to a drop-off center that ships them directly to a Samaritan’s Purse processing center where they are being distributed.

(11/18/21) Cultural Appreciation Club and Asian Club co-host meeting

The Cultural Appreciation Club and Asian Club met in room 3-219, hosting a joint meeting during which members gave a presentation on Asian culture, shared food, and played a Kahoot game.  The Cultural Appreciation club meets once every month on Fridays.


(11/18/21) Theater performs on opening night of Bonechiller 

On Thursday, the theater department performed their first showing of Bonechiller, a musical about the death of Josiah Travers and the will that his inheritors have to solve. The crew will perform the show twice more before Thanksgiving break on Friday and Saturday at 7:00 P.M. 

“[The crew] put so much hard work into this show, with our many rehearsals, trying and succeeding to make this show look as good as possible on stage,” crew member Hannah Kurbitz said.


(11/12/2021) SGA hosts Junior Lunch

This Thursday, Nov. 11. Students who wished to participate needed to fill out the proper permission. Around 70 students participated in the event, leaving campus 7th period and coming back for 5th. SGA expects the next junior lunch on Feb. 8. All students wanting to participate must have submitted required paperwork to class sponsor Tawni Small by Feb. 4.


(11/10/2021) JROTC holds quarterly blood drive

On Nov. 9 JROTC held their second quarterly blood drive outside the auditorium. The event lasted five hours, starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 1:30 p.m. The blood drive was sponsored by Oneblood and administered by JROTC. Fifty students signed up to donate, getting their blood pressure, temperature, and iron count to make sure they were qualified to donate. JROTC expects their next blood drive to be in mid-December.


(11/6/2021) Student Government holds Homecoming cleanup for class fundraising, 

The Student Government allowed volunteers to clean up campus after the homecoming dance ended. Picking up trash and reorganizing cafeteria tables took only 20 minutes, and 40 underclassmen attended. Leadership allocated funding for each class’s senior homecoming depending on how many participants stayed to clean up. 

“I personally think it was worth staying the extra 10 minutes because I would prefer to come back on Monday to a clean school and not a trashed place,” SGA freshman secretary Ariana Maboudu said. 


(11/1/2021) Band ranks Superior at MPA

Marching band attended Seminole County’s annual music performance assessment (MPA). They were ranked Superior in all scoring categories: music, marching, and individual judge scores. The band performed all three movements of their show, which included renditions of the songs “Somebody to Love,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Fat-Bottomed Girls,” and “Flash” by Queen.

“When the Kupermans announced straight Superiors I felt happy and accomplished knowing our hard work paid off,” junior Mckenzie Adams said. “We practiced really hard so our performance was confident.”


(10/29/2021) Hagerty’s pre-k program holds Trick-or-Treat celebration

  The annual Husky Pup costume parade took place Friday Oct. 29 during second, fourth, seventh, and sixth periods. Teachers were sent a form of registration to sign up for candy distribution prior to the event. Early childhood teacher Jennifer Hennessy and Career Ed teacher Jenny Burrell checked candy for choking hazards and allergies, and parents were able to give their child permission to participate. The costume parade was the final event of a week filled with activities like pumpkin-carving and spooky story-telling.

The preschoolers were so excited to show off their costumes and received lots of love from staff and students,” Hennessy said.


(10/29/2021) Student Ambassador hold Halloween hangout 

Student Ambassadors held a Halloween-inspired hangout in the courtyard after school Oct. 27. 40 students participated in the community as snacks and drinks were served and a pumpkin painting contest was held. The winner of the contest received a 10 dollar gift card from Jeremiah’s.

“Some of our ambassadors came up with a Halloween inspired event,” Jenna Hecker and Ella Vescio said. “This event was organized to introduce students to new people and create a welcoming environment in Hagerty’s campus.”


(10/21/2020) Young Democrats club hosts first meeting 

The Young Democrats held their first meeting Thursday, Oct. 21, during which they introduced their officers, established the club’s initiatives, and outlined upcoming volunteer events, which they plan to hold in coalition with Seminole County’s local Democratic Party.  They will meet every Thursday for the remainder of the year in order to remain as active as possible. 

“By getting students to understand policy, volunteer in the community, and work with the party to help out in elections, it is my hope that, with what limited power I have, we can be part of the solution,” club president Sebastian Fernandez Loaiza said.


(10/20/2021) Homecoming court begins preparations 

As homecoming approaches, leadership makes preparations for the dance, one of which being electing, announcing, and informing the homecoming court. The nominees were announced on Sept. 28 and attended an informational meeting the following Wednesday, Oct. 7. 

“I didn’t expect to be nominated,” freshman nominee Valera Romero said. “Homecoming season has been fun so far, though.”
Leadership released homecoming court winners on Monday, Oct. 18, and they attended a second informational meeting on Oct. 20 to discuss upcoming dance rehearsals and homecoming speeches.


(10/15/21) Poet society meeting took place this Friday the 15th

Poet society had its first club meeting today in room 3-211B. Its sponsor is creative writing teacher Christine Forza, and club president Julia Bockarev.  The meeting was opened with refreshments, snacks, and discussions on various topics that students could engage in. The club is all about sharing and enjoying poetry in a community. Library work and poetry reading to children are some potential volunteering opportunities that are offered in this club. 

We would like to find local coffee houses that do spoken word, maybe volunteer at local libraries and meet at Oviedo in the Park for a poetry picnic,” Forza said “This is a brand-new club and it is a club that is for the love of poetry.”


(10/15/21) Hagerty student gets lead on Theater West’s upcoming play: Little shop of horrors

Sophomore Carter Wegman gets the lead role for Theater West’s upcoming play: Little Shop of Horrors. Auditions for the play took place Sept. 6th, and he received his role the night after. Four shows will be performed starting this Friday Oct.15th and ending Sunday Oct.17. 

“This is my first show at West End and I’m loving it,” Wegman said “Come to see the show. It’ll be a great one.”


(10/1/21) Malkovich named Teacher of the Year

AP Government teacher Matthew Malkovich was announced teacher of the year Oct.1. This was decided by an anonymous teacher nomination prior to the announcement. Malkovich was celebrated by his students, family, colleagues and administration during the beginning of period 4.

 “As a teacher now for 21 years your job is to try and do what’s best for your students,” Malkovich said “It’s been tough but this place became my home so there is no chance I’m leaving.”


(10/1/22) Court nominees elected 

Homecoming nomination polls closed Friday, Sept. 27. Freshmen, sophomore, and junior nominees are expected to attend the informational meeting on Oct. 7 in room 6-117. Oct. 7 is also the final day for students to cast their votes. Ten nominees were elected for each class, some of which being freshman Valeria Romero, sophomore Justin St. Johns, junior Emalys Caamano, and senior Kevin Connel.

 “This year is definitely going to be different because there’s going to be an actual dance,” junior nominee Alexis Cunningham said, “so we have a lot more to look forward 


(9/27/21) Game against Timber Creek rescheduled due to weather conditions

Originally set for Friday, Sept. 17, the home game against the Timber Creek Wolves was rescheduled for the following Monday, only to be postponed to Oct. 2 due to field conditions. These cancellations are one of many recent school activities that have been cancelled as a result of weather conditions, and participating students are struggling to maintain their morale. 

“The game being cancelled was really annoying because I was really looking forward to playing in the stands and seeing my friends,” said band member McKenzie Adams, “but the game being cancelled also makes me look forward to the next game even more


(9/27/21) Language honors societies hold Induction Night

The French, Spanish, and ASL honors societies inducted both new and returning members in their first in-person induction since May 2020. The ceremony consisted of the lighting of the “mother candle” and the recitation of their induction pledge. The night was an opportunity to make up for the lack of morale that plagued many of the school’s extracurriculars, and the ceremony proved to be much livelier than last year’s virtual induction. 


 (9/20/21) Upcoming play audition

The theater department will hold auditions for the play Bone Chiller! which will be held Sept. 21 and 22 from 2:30 to 5 p.m. in the auditorium. The play is a comedy, mystery thriller about 13 people who arrive to read a will letter left by a wealthy eccentric. Students interested in auditioning must be enrolled or be zoned to Hagerty, be able maintain a 2.5 GPA, and have a passion for theater. 

“ I am looking for students that can clearly portray the needs of each character. Characters that can tell the whole story with their words, actions, and emotions,” Theater teacher Jamaal Solomon said. “This show is a fun murder mystery. Come out and audition even if it is just for experience.”


(9/20/21) Junior Prom Fundraiser

Due to COVID-19, the student government had to drastically lower the budget for next year’s prom. Because of this, the class of 2021 is asking for donations, which can give this class a prom that they deserve. Donations can be made through team Works with this link

They set a goal to raise $15,000, and $1,810 have been donated so far. Donations will close Oct. 1, but parents and businesses are able to donate directly to the class any time they please by sending a check made out to Hagerty High School SGA Class of 2023.

“Prom is a lifetime opportunity. It is one night that students will not forget,” class of 2023 sponsor Tawni Small said.


(9/13/21) Administration wraps up ID distribution with campus rounds

On Sept. 10, administrators visited classrooms to ensure that students were well-informed about the ID distribution process and requirements.

“Student IDs are an expectation that Principal Frasca has been announcing every morning, and it’s for safety reasons that we really need students to get on board with this,” Vice Principal Rosha said. 

According to Rosha, most IDs have been distributed, but if a student was absent and did not receive an ID, they may visit the media center to print out and receive a replacement.


(9/13/21) Senior Lunch kicks off upcoming senior privileges

Senior privilege lunches began Sept. .During designated senior lunch days, students are allowed to leave campus during lunch and seventh period to buy food and enjoy their seniorship. In order to participate in senior lunch, students must complete and notarize the form that can be found on their class’ eCampus page.

 “I signed up for [senior lunch] to have an opportunity to make memories with my friends this year,” senior Emily Cobb said. “ We missed out on a lot last year, and this is an opportunity to make up for a little bit of that.” 

All seniors are eligible to participate as long as they return to campus by the beginning of their fifth or sixth period.


(9/6/21) Virtual Open House Starts Sept.7

On Sep.7 the school held its second virtual open house because of COVID-19 data, administration made the decision to keep this year’s open house virtual. “We had a very good response to this event last year, so I expect that the response will be positive again,” principal Robert Frasca said.

 Administration hopes the virtual open house is beneficial to parents and works with their schedules. Parents will be able to watch videos uploaded by teachers at any time of the week, demonstrating flexibility and easy access. 


(9/6/21) ROTC hosts blood drive on  Sep.9

The upcoming annual blood drive will be held this Thursday, September 9 overseen, coordinated, and sponsored by JROTC program with the help of blood donation organization, One Blood. The main purpose is to help save lives by providing blood to patients who need it. 

“Every two seconds of every day, someone needs blood.” Chief Enrius Collazo said. “Since blood cannot be manufactured outside the body and has a limited shelf life, the supply must constantly be replenished by generous blood donors.”

That being said, ROTC is asking all those willing to donate to take precautionary measures against COVID-19 such as wearing a mask and cleaning their hands after. Students age 16-17 can register with parental permission during their assigned lunches or with QR codes located around campus.


(8/30/21) ID Distribution begins during first and second lunch

On Aug. 27, admin began the ID distribution process during the first and second lunch. The process was headed by assistant principal Kristi Draus. Although the distribution process was expected to be complete by Aug. 28, administration decided to postpone it to the following Monday in order to provide every student with an up-to-date ID. “We are trying to get 1400 IDs out to kids, but leadership has been really helpful in the process,”  Draus said. “They’ve been the ones handing ID’s out at lunch.” Administration plans to send student IDs through teacher boxes starting Tuesday to speed up the distribution process.


(8/30/21) French Honor Society holds first meetings

On Aug. 26, the French National Honors Society held its first meeting of the school year in room 7-224. Club sponsor Pam Lynch, along with club leadership, looks forward to the new opportunities for celebrations and activities that the upcoming school year has to offer, as precautions against COVID-19 become more lenient. French Week, during which French Honors Society members run morning announcements, appear on WOOF TV, and integrate French culture into life on campus, is one of these activities. “This year, because of the lighter restrictions that we have, everyone in the club is really excited,“ Lynch said.