Kook-o for season two

Released July 30, Outer Banks season two brings 10 new, jam-packed episodes.

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Released July 30, Outer Banks season two brings 10 new, jam-packed episodes.


It is not everyday that a group of best friends find gold, get stuck in a tropical storm in the middle of the ocean, then end up in the Bahamas. Unless you are John B (Chase Stokes), Sarah Cameron (Madeline Cline) and three other Pogues as co-stars at the end of season one of Outer Banks. After the success of the initial season, fans were ready for season two, which was long overdue. Released July 30 on Netflix, providing 10 additional episodes in the series. 

Following a packed plot, season two does not give their viewers a chance to look away from their screen. Episode kick-starts the action when John B and Sarah are seen on the boat in Nassau. Jaw dropping events fill the 50 minutes of each episode and in this case is unfortunate for someone who did not watch both seasons. 

Critics claim that the only reason Outer Banks attracts its teenage audience is because of its cast. JJ Maybanks (Rudy Pankow) and Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey) have attracted the most attention on social media lately through teenage fangirling. While you cannot disagree with those fans, the stars also play their characters very well. Not everyone can play the role of a drug-dealing, psychotic character like Starkey was able to pull off.

Outer Banks makes the audience wish they lived like the Pogues; surfing every day, hanging out with your best friends, and of course, finding gold. A huge cliff-hanger at the end makes it hard to wait for the release of a new season.