Warning: this is dangerously good

On Jan. 8, Morgan Wallen released his double album

photo by amazon.com

On Jan. 8, Morgan Wallen released his double album “Dangerous.” The album features songs that have been released as singles, covers of other artists’ songs, as well as some featuring other country singers.

Morgan Wallen was born in Tennessee and is a country singer most known for his song “Whiskey Glasses.” Released Jan. 8, his double album “Dangerous” was the first country album to debut in 2021. “Dangerous” has a mix of covers, older songs that have already been released which were some of his biggest hits, and about 24 new tracks. The double album does a great job of incorporating the variety of music, and it is perfect for someone looking for an older country vibe sung by a younger artist.

“Sand in My Boots” and “Somebody’s Problem” are among the best on this album. All of the songs on “Dangerous” were one-of-a-kind but these two songs stood out the most. The tracks are catchy and capture the heart of pure country: trucks, beer and mud.

 “Dangerous” is a song specifically featured on the double album with a captivating first verse that listeners cannot help but fall in love with. Everything about this track’s first verse is perfect. When Wallen found out about Walmart leaking songs off of his album, he decided it would be better if fans heard the music from him instead. Wallen released snippets of the song “Dangerous” on TikTok, allowing fans to get a sneak peak of what the whole track will be like to get fans excited for what was to come.

Wallen stuck to his country roots throughout this album. Country music fans are devoted to those who stick to the genre such as Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton. Those who have attempted to venture into pop, like Kane Brown and Dan+Shay have lost favor with diehard country listeners. 

Wallen got to work with big-name country stars like Chris Stapleton and Ben Burgess who make their own appearances on tracks “Outlaw” and “Only Thing That’s Gone.” Stapleton’s older southern style mixed perfectly with Wallen’s younger voice. Eric Church and Thomas Rhett also helped co-write three songs on the double album. 

As a rising artist at the peak of his careers, Wallen is sure to be more successful as he continues releasing music. Wallen’s double album “Dangerous” is sure to win a Country Music Award for its uniqueness and individuality.