Student assistant tsunami

Katie Curley, HJO Managing Editor

Recent course changes, especially the death of study hall, have led to a flood of students applying as student assistants for a replacement napping period.

“I don’t have to do anything that involves academics,” senior Victoria Guild said.

Over 150 students, a record breaking number, are currently involved in the program and are steadily outnumbering the teachers available.

“We have exhausted a lot of our resources,” athletic director and student assistant coordinator Jay Getty said. “It creates the need for both the teaching staff, the administration, and myself to coordinate with guidance to make sure we have a placement before we change any schedules.”

The PE department was most affected by the flood of student assistants. In particular, midblock PE currently has the most student assistants out of any class.  However, according to Getty, the high numbers are not necessarily a bad thing.

“All the PE teachers have [a student assistant] to help with setting up because it is such a short period of time,” Getty said. “We have to make sure that things run quickly.”

With student assistants handy, equipment can be set up fast and efficiently for many teachers across campus. Although core classes do not need to set up nets or collect balls, an extra pair of hands to help record grades, sort and run errands for the teacher makes student assistants welcome in any classroom. With the situation under control, this tsunami might not be that big of a natural disaster after all.