To Be Honest Sports Podcast

This year, I have started a sports podcast talking about all things sports. So far, we have ranged on many levels, covering high school, college, and professional sports. To listen, just click the links below:




In episode 1, listen to myself and Hagerty baseball pitcher Trent Caples talk about the World Series and what is next for the MLB.


Digital design student Dylan North joins me to discuss predictions for the College Football Playoff, the Heisman trophy, and more.

Hayden and Trent are back in Episode 3 of To Be Honest, with their debate on Super Bowl 55 and their predictions for Sunday’s big game.

Hayden Turner along with co-host and Hagerty pitcher Trent Caples are joined by Laila Viator and Sofia Wojtasiak from the girls varsity lacrosse game to discuss their season so far and their success from previous years.