“Hard kill” : A hard watch


photo by Prime Video

“Hard Kill” is a career low for Bruce Willis, and is about as creative as the title.

If you pick a random action movie from the Netflix explore page, chances are it is probably about a decorated war veteran taking down an elaborate terrorist network. With a name just as creative as the plot, “Hard Kill” follows a similar storyline. Released Nov. 23 to Netflix, the film follows a group of mercenaries, hired by billionaire CEO Donovan Chalmers (Bruce Willis), as they race against the clock to stop a madman, The Pardoner (Sergio Rizzuto), from wreaking havoc around the globe.

Instead of the usual fast-paced and stimulating narrative you might expect, this film is painfully slow, leaving its viewers wondering when it will be over. The writers shoved every cliche imaginable into an hour long movie, creating constant confusion and prematurely bashing any hope of success for this film. Countless other movies have tackled the same plot, making it unoriginal and boring. Unfortunately, this trend of predictability continues throughout all of “Hard Kill,” as nearly every line and progression was anticipated.

If the excruciatingly slow story progression killed this movie, the horrid writing was beating its dead corpse. The writing is shockingly dreadful and overly dramatic, making “Hard Kill” feel more like a styleless soap opera than the action-packed film it was meant to be. Concerning the characters, there is no emotional appeal due to lack of development in the beginning. Every actor’s performance was completely abhorrent, especially the actor who played the antagonist, The Pardoner (Sergio Rizzuto), who looked more like a stock broker than an intimidating villain. Only towards the end is there a sprinkling of sympathy for these actors and their tarnished careers.

Despite the apparent seriousness of the movie, it is impossible to keep a straight face as “Hard Kill” is so bad it is comical. Rather than waste an hour of your life listening to cheesy action music, go watch one of the many entertaining Avengers movies instead.