Positioned for mediocrity


photo by Ariana Grande

Released on October 30, 2020, “Positions” is Ariana Grande’s 5th album to achieve the status of “Number 1 album” on the Billboard Top 200.

With well over a hundred awards to her name, Ariana Grande is without a doubt one of the most influential figures in pop music. Disappointingly, the release of her new album “Positions” fails to uphold that prominent status.

The best songs in the album are “Positions,” “Shut up,” and “Obvious.” That being said, they are all painfully average and pale in comparison to Grande’s previous work. “Positions” is boring and hard to focus on, making it seem like a chore to listen to, rather than an album.

The rest are incredibly uninteresting; it makes you wish Grande had just released three singles instead of a full album. Toward the end of the album, songs like “west side” and “love language” seem like mere placeholders and fail to entertain, much like the rest of the album. Dedicated fans might enjoy Grande’s sound, however, if you are not an advocate of repetitive pop music these songs hurt. 

“Positions,” though not awful, is nothing special. There is no excitement or originality to be found due to Grande’s unwillingness to try something new. “Positions” feels like an old sweater you wore in middle school- it once would have been the perfect fit, but not its just uncomfortable. Although diehard Grande fans might enjoy this album, it is sure to drive other listeners away.