Girls varsity volleyball sets off season

Kalllie Delis, staff reporter

Typically, sports teams are matched against unknown competitors in the preseason. As for the girls varsity volleyball team, they have a good idea of what they are up against. Seminole High School will be hosting the girls volleyball preseason tournament on Thursday, August 21 at 6 p.m. Out of the eight teams attending this match, the volleyball team will be playing against two district opponents: Lake Howell and Seminole.

While the preseason tournament does not count toward the season record, the volleyball team still takes it seriously. They have committed to improving specific areas of their performance.

“We have to work on serve-receive and defense,” senior outside hitter Nicole Mattson said. Passing is a main focus of the team since the game cannot function without it.

The team has been preparing for the season over summer. They have had to overcome some off-season obstacles when three starters, junior Brianna Baez, junior Lauren Basen and senior Juliana Hilbert, were injured. And though they have healed in time for the season to begin, Baez and Hilbert will not be playing in the tournament. In addition to summer preparation, the volleyball team has been practicing Monday through Thursday for three hours per practice. They have been meeting on Saturdays, too.

“I believe we will dominate at this tournament and I’m so excited to play with this group of girls,” senior libero Shelby Sutch said.

As for their new head varsity coach Juanita Hitt and assistant varsity coach Dani Weishaar, the team is enjoying working with them. The girls varsity volleyball team is starting the year off with eagerness.

“We intend on bringing a banner home this season to put in the gym,” Weishaar said.