Something to dream about

Martins Dreamery Creamery is a new ice cream shop that opened across the steat from Lawton Chiles Middle School.

photo by Martin's Dreamery Creamery

Martin’s Dreamery Creamery is a new ice cream shop that opened across the steat from Lawton Chiles Middle School.

As the superior dessert, ice cream is nothing to play around with. One soupy scoop of mocha chip can ruin the treat forever. However, Martin’s Dreamery Creamery, an ice cream parlor recently opened on Oct. 15, is sure to never let you down. Located across the street from Lawton Chiles Middle School, its cute decor and homemade ice cream make it the perfect spot to hang out with friends.

Martin’s ice cream is made in-house every day, and you can tell. The taste and texture of each ice cream sets it apart from other chains like Coldstone or Brustars. Each flavor seems to have a corresponding texture. Flavors like banana pudding and strawberry cheesecake are thicker because the desserts they imitate are dense. The banana pudding is the best–it tastes like frozen custard with big chunks of vanilla wafers. Martin’s has a lot of specialty flavors as well.  Flavors change every month, but for fall, there is a pumpkin, apple pie and peanut butter and jelly.  The uniqueness and variety of flavors really shine at Martin’s. Sure, the classics like cookies and cream are fine, but they are not why you should go there.      

In addition to ice cream, the shop serves as a great breakfast stop. They offer coffee drinks to meet your caffeine needs, from caramel lattes to macchiatos and double-shot espressos. Martin’s offers other treats such as muffins, frosted cinnamon rolls and baked doughnuts. Their cinnamon rolls are killer–super soft and gooey topped with a thick layer of cream cheese icing, it is hard to go wrong. They also have desserts to accommodate customers with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free muffins and dairy-free ice cream.  

Designed to look like an old 50s diner, Martin’s stands out from other ice cream spots that have opened around town. Their over-the-top friendliness also sets them apart. When you walk in, expect three different people to welcome you and ask if they can help, and when you leave, expect three other people to thank you for coming in and wish you a good day. Their customer service gives Chick-fil-A a run for their money, and that is saying something.

As a reliable source of ice cream, Martin’s Dreamery Creamery is sure to never ruin mint chocolate for you. A unique place to get your flavor fix, it is the dream place to get your cream.