Bowling rolls into districts

On Monday, Oct. 19 the girls and boys bowling teams faced Oviedo at Airport Lanes, and both teams suffered a loss. With a final score of 2396 -2323 for the boys and 2158-1296 for the girls, the teams were disappointed.
“Aside from the one loss, everything else we did was extremely good. Everyone improved from last year which is always good to see,” senior Chase Wajda said.
Top performers from the game were Jacob Daleandro (231 game/380 series) and Dalton Taylor (211 game/374 series), bowling close to a perfect game.
With the boys finishing up the regular season 7-1 and the girls finishing up 3-5, the team was proud of their shortened season.
“I think the season went really well. 7-1 for the boys is a fantastic finish,” head coach Jacob Colquhoun said.
The teams acknowledged that Oviedo was tough competition when it came to bowling, especially since they had an extensive winning streak.
“I have to say, they are a great team,” senior Paige McCarthy said. “We did everything we could have.”
The girls felt large amounts of pressure on them before the Monday game, but still managed to impress the coaches.
“The girls went up against one of the best, if not the best, team in the district,” Colquhoun said. “The girls fought hard until the end in every match and that is all that one can ask for from them.”
Even though both teams lost earlier in the week, they felt that they had a great comeback on Wednesday against Seminole at Oviedo Bowling Alley. To conclude their regular season, the boys were victorious in their match, finishing with a 2267-1864 win. Similarly, the girls fought hard, but were unable to pull out a win and fell 1479-1457.
“This season has honestly been one of our best and I think it’s a shame that it had to get cut in half due to coronavirus,” junior Jacob Daleandro said. “This is one of the best records we’ve held in a while.”
Currently, the teams’ main focus is set on districts. All of the players and coaches feel excited and confident about the competition.
“The slates are wiped clean and I’m feeling really confident about going into competition Monday and Tuesday,” said Colquhoun.
Florida High School Athletic Association District Championships will be held Tuesday, Oct. 27, and will start at 8 a.m. Districts will take place at the Oviedo Bowling Alley.
Going into districts, both teams hope for their best results of the season, and the boys team especially hopes to advance to states.
“I am excited for districts, we have a good team, with tons of great talent.” Wajda said. “I know that we will do a good job.”