Spice factor


photo by Dunkin' Donuts

The “Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut” is a tastefully unique donut that is both sweet and spicy. It was released just in time for Halloween.

Dunkin’ Donuts is known for its unconventional menu items—The Charli, frozen hot chocolate, and DIY donuts—but its newest menu item might just be the weirdest and yummiest dessert yet.

Made available Oct. 14, the “Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut” is a plain donut topped with strawberry icing containing cayenne and ghost pepper. At first glance, it sounds gross; who wants to eat a spicy donut? However, against all odds, this donut is delicious and different. Not only does it give other companies a run for their money, but it gives customers a run to their bathroom.

The best part about the “Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut” is arguably its intense kick. While chewing, there is a creamy and delectable strawberry flavor. Unexpectedly, the pepper creeps up into the back of your throat. The kick is surprising, which adds to the donut-snacking experience. 

Flavor aside, the “Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut” is a winner solely based on its unique concept. It is the first of its kind, and it was created flawlessly and strategically. Strawberry and peppers do not typically go together, but Dunkin’ Donuts managed to blend the two amazingly. Additionally, the “ghost” gives the donut a Halloween vibe, making it the perfect spooky treat to enjoy with a movie. 

Altogether, the “Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut” is wonderful and well-thought out. Despite the intimidating name, this donut is great, and sure to add some spice to your life.