Letters to the Editor


The 2020 election is coming up extremely soon. Now that the date is getting closer, we are getting more and more information about the two candidates in broadcasts, such as the first presidential debate of the year. Both candidates are almost complete opposites, which is why many people are so vocal about their views. Many people, including myself, think that both candidates have many cons. Personally, I am campaigning for the person that has similar views to mine, which is Joe Biden.

Joe Biden supports topics like more gun control, LGBTQA+ rights, defunding the police, women’s rights, climate change, more rights for people of color, free college, and many more.

One of the main reasons is climate change. As president, Donald Trump has been very vocal about how he thinks climate change is a hoax and that the science behind it is fake news. I very much disagree along with many others. Biden has said numerous times that he will be taking immediate action if he is put into office.

How President Donald Trump has handled the coronavirus is also extremely irresponsible. This virus should be taken very seriously, considering more than 200,000 people and counting have died due to the Corona Virus in the United States alone. It has been revealed that Trump knew how serious and deadly COVID was way back in February, and didn’t tell Americans because he didn’t want to create a panic. But, he was unprepared even though he was warned.

In the past, Trump has said many misogynistic things on television. Along with this, he has also expressed how he does not support gay marriage. Donald Trump has never posted the words “Black lives matter,” which is an extreme issue at the moment. He even retweeted a video of people chanting “White power.” During the presidential debate, he refused to condemn white supremacy. In my opinion, this is such a 1960’s way of thinking. We are in the year 2020 and are still having these issues. It is insane. The fact that our own president does not want to speak up for people of color, women, or the LGBTQA+ community is absolutely ridiculous.

Contrasting to Donald Trump, Joe Biden has mentioned most of these issues. He has spoken up about the Black Lives Matter movement and even went to a BLM protest. He has spoken about women’s rights and even has a woman for his vice president: Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden is always for the people, and speaks directly to us. I believe that Biden wants the best for the American people. Trump only cares for a small amount of our population.

Trump’s slogan is “make America great again.” In my opinion, America was never great. By saying “make American great again,” you are insinuating you want to go back to a racist, sexist, country where the majority of people did not have rights.

As the election approaches, I hope people do their research before they vote. In the end, it is your vote, not your parents’ vote. Make sure you really know who you are voting for before you submit your ballot. If you do not support Trump, you must vote for Biden. Not voting or voting for a third party candidate is also a vote for Trump. Settle for Joe Biden.

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