Almost as sweet as honey


photo by Joji

Although not a good as his album “BALLADS 1,” popular lo-fi artist Joji’s newest album “Nectar” still hits.

From the creator of hit song “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK,” popular lo-fi artist George Miller (Joji) released his newest album, “Nectar,” on Sept. 25. With such a fantastic collection of songs from his latest album “BALLADS 1,” supporters of Joji were concerned that his newest melodies would not live up to the hype. As fans expected, a great deal of songs included on “Nectar” hit the mark, but not all. 

Four beautiful songs were released prior to the 2020 collection, including “Run,” “Sanctuary,” “Gimmie Love,” and “Daylight.” These songs had good beats and gorgeous song lyrics, keeping the intimate and emotional feel of his previous music. 

However, some of Joji’s songs on “Nectar” did not contain the originality of his previous work, conforming to the mainstream vibe that is constantly heard on the radio. Tracks such as “High Hopes” and “Mr. Hollywood” were mediocre, and songs where Joji sang in a higher register like “Ew” were just annoying. “Your Man” seemed like a cliche Katy Perry breakup song, and “Nitrous” was total TikTok bait, with no true substance.

On the other hand, “Tick Tock,” “Pretty Boy,” and “Normal People” were among the best of the album. Not only is listening to one of these songs like soaking in a giant pool of honey, their melodies are dance-worthy. Despite the pop-like feel to this album, most of the songs are enjoyable to listen to, especially when you are feeling emotional or looking for a good beat.

The overall sound is reminiscent of “BALLADS 1,” with similar themes of intimacy and heartbreak. Joji’s experimentation with his music production is admirable, and the mix of instrumental and lo-fi work together. Even if “Ew” is the first song you listen to on the album, do not let it turn you away from listening to songs like “777” or “Tick Tock.”