Power in a rectangle

Courtney Dziewior, Journalism 1

Not more than an arm’s length away, students have their phones with them at all times.
“Ever since I got my 5s, it has always been with me,” freshman Jeannie Williams said.
The iPhone 5s had a major upgrade from the 5. It contained the new M7 and A7 chips which sped up and improved the graphics.
“I love it, it is so fast,” senior Ashleigh Andrews said.
The most well-known, newest feature of the 5s was the fingerprint scanner. As users place their thumbs on the Home button, the iPhone unlocks. It has been used as a replacement for passwords in the iTunes and App stores.
“The fingerprint scanner is probably my favorite part, it makes everything faster, I barely have to use my password anymore,” Williams said.
The camera had also been updated with the new iSight technology. It contained a True Tone flash and a larger sensor. One of the lesser known but more popular qualities of the 5s was the slow motion video.
“The slow motion is my favorite part, it’s perfect,” Andrew said. The slow motion had the ability to play back videos at a quarter of the original speed.
iPhone 5c was “for the colorful,” according to Apple. With the bright colors, the 5c changed the face of the company. Always the traditional white and black, the pink, blue, green, and yellow were a big step away.
The 5c contained a four-inch retina display as well as the A6 chip. The A6 chip increased the speed as well as extended the battery life so it was worry free. The camera included the same new iSight technology as the 5s, but without the True Tone flash and slow motion.
The new operating system received mixed reviews. While iOS7 was popular it was not centrally loved. “It’s hard to navigate on the Internet, I keep sliding to my other windows,” Andrews said.
Users of older iPhones have had trouble adapting to the new version and its additional features.
Other users loved the new operating system. “iOS7 is a lot more futuristic, it’s more modern,” freshman Kenzie Grohndahli said.
The feature of the control panel was one of the most popular likes of the iOS7 design for multiple reasons. The easy access to some of the most used features was made accessible with only the swipe of a finger and was a major favorite of iPhone users.
“I love how I can get to music without having to open up the actual window,” Grohndahli said.
iPhones have been the favorite brand of the smartphone market ever since they were released. Users have adored the ease of using multiple Apple products. “I love Apple and probably always will,” Williams said.