Do it for the vine

Kay Hammack , Journalism 1

There’s always a new craze for an application on a phone. Right now Vine is the craze. Vine was created Jan. 24, 2013 by Twitter and allows the user to create a video for six seconds and loops. It’s become a creative outlet for comedians, musicians and stop-motion artists. A new line of “Vine Famous” celebrities have been formed and their Vines are on the popular page.
Vine used to be the must have app at schools and everyone made their own. Junior Cherokee Rush made a vine titled “How Tools do Selfies.” Step 1 is collarbones, step 2 lighting and step 3 is swag with a duck face. His post got 64 likes and 20 revines.
“To be Vine famous you have to do something stupid.” Rush said. Rush found out about Vine through junior Katherine Puglisi.
Most people such as Caroline Shaw only post occasionally and just watch other people’s instead. Shaw likes to watch Cameron Dallas’ Vines. “He’s basically really attractive and does funny things,” Shaw said. Being attractive appears to be a big component on Vine.
“Hot boys” are junior Erica Cannon’s favorite part of Vine. Katherine Puglisi’s favorite viner is Logan Paul whom is said to be attractive to some, and he has done some crazy things for Vine such as proposing to a stranger in a crowded food court.
Not all of Vine is about being attractive though. Freshman Alexis Leverett watches Vines people post on Instagram because they’re funny. Sophomore Monica Bauer’s favorite viner is a man named Ry Doon, a comedian from Boston. He will go up to strangers on the street and ask them to dance with him, and very rarely anyone will comply. “My friend is really into vine and she’ll send me links to hilarious videos like dancing dogs to cheer me up. It always works.” Bauer said.
Junior Megan Fernander has never posted any vines of her own, but she’ll revine other peoples that she finds “hilarious.”
Junior Kiara Crawford and her sister, freshman Kylee Crawford both love the app. They’ll talk about popular viners and watch their newest videos together.
Stop-motion is the third main type of vine made. Junior Jacob Townsend loves them. Things move across the screen like an animation. Hours are put into the makings of these types of videos. Townsend enjoys watching famous artist, Megan Cignoli’s vines. She’ll create things such as flowers dancing into patterns. Another is Ian Padigram who has a woodman (one used for drawers) and had it doing things such as tying a shoe. Six seconds to watch, and hours to be made.
Overall Vine has almost changed the way we view entertainment. Vine is a free app that can be downloaded on all types of smart phones and can be accessed by url’s from computers. It’s convenient and the videos are short. They only have to keep the viewers attention for six seconds, which the vine famous has mastered.