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Doctor who

As a critical care doctor working in the ICU, junior Mariam Abou El Maali’s father has seen many patients suffering from COVID-19, including a respiratory therapist, his colleague who had been working closely with him. El Maali has admitted that she is afraid that her father is at risk.

“I am scared that my dad might contract the virus,” El Maali said. “I worry for his health.”

In an effort to take the stress off her dad, El Maali helps her sibling with online classwork and long distance learning. While her siblings in middle school adjusted to the new format quickly, her younger siblings needed help using the new online platforms.

“I helped them in the beginning, such as how to maneuver Google Classroom and their other classes,” El Maali said.

Her family understands the severity of the situation, especially with El Maali’s dad being exposed to the virus at work, however their main focus is being prepared and taking precautions.

“We are not terrified but instead we are cautious,” El Maali said. “We take quarantine precautions very seriously and believe everyone should do the same.”

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