Cow print: the next moove in the fashion industry

Scan this QR code to see a Pinterest board with inspiration on how to style cow print.

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Scan this QR code to see a Pinterest board with inspiration on how to style cow print.

After a three-course meal at Olive Garden of unlimited soup, a bowl of Chicken Alfredo, and a slice of chocolate cake the size of your face, your date seems to be in shock. Well, they were shocked after your third bowl of soup but once you asked for an extra entree to go you heard them cough something you weren’t meant to catch– “moo.” Normally hearing a remark like that would not be positive, but with a new print on the market, you might be able to take it as a compliment.

Animal print has always made an appearance in the fashion world, but traditionally designers stick with the classics: leopard, snake, and cheetah print. 

These animal prints often featured strong or feared animals intending to convey their power to the wearer. So why is the newest trend in animal print something that lacks power and intimidation all together: a cow

One of the most notorious origins of the cow print trend comes from Doja Cat’s 2018 music video “Mooo!.” With over 70 million views, the video features an easily-recognizable cow print tie-top and skirt.

Although the video was posted in 2018, the trend gained popularity in late 2019 due to its appearance in New York Fashion Week with brands like Burberry. 

Celebrities such as Megan Markle and Kylie Jenner solidified the trend in 2019, incorporating it into pumps, boots and bathing suits. Although this trend began in 2019 it has currently gained greater influence with teens and young adults. 

TikTok has encouraged this trend with users painting their rooms and incorporating the print into their wardrobe and everyday life. The hashtag cow-print has a current standing of over 11.9 million views.

Cow print is a fun and vibrant take on animal prints. It comes often in the standard black and white scheme but for a subtler look, brown and white print is also available. 

Styling the pattern can go one of two ways: either you cover yourself in the pattern head to toe, or you use it in small doses like accessories or nail polish. It’s a hard pattern to pull off and takes a lot of confidence. But if you are looking to make a statement, it could be the print for you.

Yelling “Moo” at someone or calling them a cow has always been an insult or way to make fun of someone’s weight or body type. Although this pattern is meant to be a “fun” and “youthful” take on animal print, I also see it as a way to assert and take ownership of the insults.

We should all try and be more confident in what we wear and how we wear it because in the words of Doja Cat, “I’m a cow.”