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The Hagertyjourn staff answers more frequently asked questions based off of information given from principal Robert Frasca, Oveido’s Mayor Meagan Sladek, and the College Board

Principal Robert Frasca’s response to some frequently asked questions about Hagerty.

How are students going to return textbooks and other things of that nature this year? 

Administration is working on creating a drop off system for students to drop off school property. Plans will be finalized within the next few weeks, and the final solution should be announced soon.

How can a student come to campus to pick something up from their locker?

Students will need to set up an appointment using a google form to schedule a visit to campus. If students want materials from their lockers they should pick them up by May 8. Lockers will be cleaned starting May 11 and all personal items will be thrown away.

What should a student do if they are struggling with distance learning

 If a student is struggling with distance learning then they should communicate their struggle with the teacher of the class they are having issues in. If they have talked with the teacher and that has not helped, then they should reach out to their counselor. Finally, if they are still struggling then they can contact an administrator who will help them.  

What are student expectations for productivity each week? 

Teachers are expected to give students 1 graded assignment each week in elective classes and 2-3 in academic core classes. Teachers have been asked to keep their expectations for students in their class to approximately 30 minutes of work per class each day.

When will students receive refunds for Gradbash and prom?

Full Refunds will be sent out through mail through May 8. If you do not receive a refund for either of the events before then contact the school bookkeeper. 

Questions regarding the state of Oviedo based on information given by Mayor Sladek.

How many people in our community have been diagnosed with COVID-19?

As of April 26, 5530 people in Seminole county have been tested for coronavirus and only 359 have been diagnosed. 

 What restaurants are offering carryout or delivery?

Most restaurants in Central Florida are open and offering delivery or carry out. Support local businesses by participating in the #EatOviedo challenge.Order takeout from an Oviedo restaurant. Take a picture of your food laid out ready to eat. Be sure to include something to identify the restaurant you visited, then post it somewhere in social media with the hashtag #EatOviedo 

Where can families get food?

Hope helps is a  food pantry based in Oviedo, to request help click here. Local schools and Crosslife Church have food pantries available to families in need. The Sikh Society is giving out hot vegetarian meals no questions asked. 

How can I help?

Hope helps is currently looking for volunteers. Many other organizations are also asking for monetary donations so they can best stretch out their funds and donors  do not have to risk their health going to the grocery store.

Information provided by College Board

Will I be able to take the SAT again?

Although May and June SATs were canceled two new testing dates were added in August and September. Registration for these dates will be available at the end of May. Early Registration will be given to those who were registered for the May and June dates. 

What do I have to do in order to re-register for my AP exams?

In order to make sure your AP testing ticket will go to the right place, make sure to re-register your email for the AP tests. First go to My AP profile and from there click registration. Under the school you attend, make sure it says Paul J. Hagerty High School. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit save. Go to account settings and verify your email address to ensure you receive more information as it comes. 

What will my AP test entail?

Unless in an art or research based AP course, all tests this year will only consist of a 45 minute writing portion. Testing dates have changed to later in May and will be held online.

What do I do if I need to take a makeup exam  

You need to fill out the request for a makeup exam form on the College Board within 48 hours of the original exam date. Makeup exams will take place in June. 


The Hagertyjourn staff answers more frequently asked questions pertaining to the Coronavirus and its impacts on the community. In this second round of FAQ’s, we answer questions more directly related to schools and everyday life.

When will schools resume, and will school cut into summer?

Although no date has been set for schools to resume, Superintendent Dr. Walt Griffin has issued schools to be closed through April 30, and currently buildings are scheduled to open on May 1. An update on this can be expected around April 15. As for cutting into summer, it is very unlikely as it would cost the county an estimated $3,000,000 a day to go into summer.    

When is my AP test, and what will it entail?

Advanced placement testing has been rescheduled further into May. Most tests will now only consist of a 45 minute writing question that can only be answered with course material. The College Board has hired plagiarism checkers to ensure academic integrity. If caught plagiarizing materials, the College Board will inform each university the student in question applied for.     

What restaurants are offering carryout or delivery?

Most restaurants in Central Florida are open and offering delivery or carry out. Support local businesses while still staying safe and healthy. 

Do I need to clean packages I have bought online?

There is no proven evidence that supports the transmission of COVID-19 through packages or mail. The virus is spread through respiratory droplets, not through touch, making it very hard to contract coronavirus by mail.  



The Hagertyjourn staff will answer questions over the next few weeks about the Coronavirus and its impact both globally and locally. In round one of FAQ’s, we answer general questions about the virus.

What are the symptoms of the coronavirus?

Symptoms for the coronavirus include fever, coughing and shortness of breath. Emergency symptoms where you should seek medical treatment are trouble breathing, pain or pressure in your chest and bluish lips or face. Symptoms can appear up to 14 days after exposure. 

How can I prevent the spread?  

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease spread through human saliva or discharge from a cough or sneeze. The best way to protect yourself and stop the spread is to avoid being exposed to the virus and limiting all unnecessary contact with others. Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds and use sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol.

What is the recovery time for coronavirus?

The virus’ recovery period varies on a case by case basis and does not have a set time.

Can pets be affected by coronavirus?

There are multiple strains of coronavirus, all but the newest COVID-19 case are found only in animals. There is no evidence that shows that companion animals such as dogs and cats can spread COVID-19 and only very rare instances where other animals can transmit the virus to humans. 

Should I go to the hospital if I think I have coronavirus?

Only go to the hospital if you are showing emergency symptoms such as trouble breathing, pain or pressure in your chest, or blush lips and face. If you are still unsure, use the CDC’s self check quiz to see if going to the hospital is necessary. 

Is there a treatment for coronavirus?

There is no treatment for coronavirus at this time, however there are things you can do to help relieve mild symptoms: rest and sleep, keep warm, drink plenty of liquids, use a room humidifier.

Do you have questions? Ask us your questions and it could be in the next FAQ’s update: