“Let it Snow” adds cheer to Netflix’s queue of holiday films


photo by Netflix

“Let it Snow” released November 8 on Netflix. Cast includes “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Kiernan Shipka.

A story partially centered around the theft a keg stand, and a squad of airhead dancers clad in pink sweatsuits sounds like an awful teen movie, one found in the deep dark pits of Netflix recommendations. However, when joined by a teacup pig, an attractive, brooding pop singer and a charming, quirky lady dressed in tin foil, “Let it Snow,”is surprisingly the perfect mix of a great cast and a plot that keeps on giving.

Released on Nov. 8 as a Netflix Original, “Let it Snow” is based on a book of the same title, by authors Lauren Myracle, Maureen Johnson and John Green, who, most notably, is famous for teenage romance novels such as “The Fault in Our Stars.” 

Perhaps inspired by the famous Christmas movie, “Love Actually,” there are multiple stories happening at the same time. Each main character deals with their own conflict, whether this be Tobin (Mitchell Hope) psyching himself up to tell his longtime best friend Angie (Kiernan Shipka) his true feelings, or Julie (Isabela Merced), deciding between going away to the college of her dreams, or staying and taking care of her ailing mother.

 While there is a lot packed into the film, the movie intertwines the characters flawlessly, leaving the audience feeling satisfied with the end result. This could seem predictable, or the easy way out, but “Let it Snow” was not made to appease the harshest and most intellectual of critics; it is a Christmas rom-com made for teenagers at home, looking for anything to get their minds off of exams and homework until winter break comes around.

What really makes the movie outstanding is the authenticity of the cast. Isabela Merced’s character, Julie. Julie’s has to deal with her mother’s grave illness, which is made obvious through the pale skin and the coughing fits. Merced makes her relationship with her on-screen mother seem genuine. For example, genuine tears and emotions emitted from Merced in times of distress.

Merced was also able to draw inspiration from her own life. Her real-life mother is battling stage four breast cancer, which has inspired Merced and motivated her throughout the film.

Other standout members of the cast include Anna Akana, who played Kerry. While originally part of the vapid clique of girls in the beginning of the movie, Kerry gains more depth as the story plays out. Akana’s character is part of an LGBTQ couple with Dorrie (Liv Hewson). Kerry must navigate her way through this relatively new relationship and also come to terms with coming out to her friends and family. This is an important part of the plot, especially as this is a reality for so many. 

On the surface, the movie may seem like just another teen flick, but “Let it Snow” was able to relate with its audience on a personal level with a variety of relatable stories for a diverse demographic of viewers. The cast was spectacular, with each member shining, despite the numerous plotlines.

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