Blazers: easy, breezy and not at all cheesy


Oversized blazers, velvet blazers, cropped blazers, satin blazers, plaid blazers, blazers with belts, etc. Find the blazer style that best suits you and your personality, then rock it.
Whether they are worn by professionals or those interviewing for a specialist position, blazers are typically found on those in an office space or working environment. But, according to New York fashion week designers and fashion influencers like Rhianna, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid, blazers are rising to the top as one of the trendiest items for everyday streetwear.
The biggest brands in fashion are featuring blazers as an essential part of their fall collection, including Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Chanel and Tom Ford. However, fashion enthusiasts can certainly purchase the same trendy items at Forever 21 or Old Navy.
Not everything seen on the runways of New York, London or Milan makes its way to high school, but blazers should. Fall is the season when you start looking for the jackets that you lost months ago, so it is the perfect time to give blazers a chance. Investing in a blazer is so much easier than trying to find an actually decent looking coat in this mosquito minefield we call Florida, and or the past few years I have had to steal my mom’s jackets because I can never find any for myself.
Blazers offer a classy way to stay warm. They make you look and feel intelligent and put together, but more importantly, they make you feel like a boss.
A blazer is also a great way to dress for success. Sure, wear hoodies and sweaters Monday through Thursday so that when you wear a blazer for your midterm on Friday you will look and feel like a confident power-house ready to embrace the weekend after you ace your test.
It is currently cuff season, so if tests are not your priority, try wearing a blazer to cop a cute date. You will assuredly have a 10% higher chance of getting a homecoming date if you wear a blazer. Who would say no when you put in effort and look like you could maybe own a Fortune 500 company?
“Blazer” is a general term, but so is this trend. If the typical black shoulder-padded blazer style is not for you, there are dozens of different options, and if your only problem with this specific article of clothing is if you can pull it off or not, you can.
If you want to go for the oversized blazer style, with or without a belt to cinch your waist, I recommend asking your dad or any older male related to you. Chances are they have something they would not mind parting with if it means you will be the most fashion-forward person in your third-period class. Another cheap option is Goodwill and people in general are more open to thrift-shopping these days and there is no shame in it.
Blazers are the most subtle way to stay warm while not looking like you are wearing the clothes you wore to bed last night. Just give them a chance the same way you did for mom jeans, and that turned out great.