Athletes asked not to drive themselves to competitions

For the first time in the program’s history, student athletes and their parents received an email requesting that the parents of the students sign waivers in order to be eligible to be transported to and from away games by parents. Though this could be considered inconvenient for students who usually drive themselves to games, some feel this is the best way to approach events in unfamiliar territory.

“Honestly I would rather my parents drive me,” junior Caitlyn Shoaff said. “I don’t want to get lost or in a crash somewhere I’m not familiar with by myself.” Shoaff said that her parents viewed the new rule as the school attempting to cover their liability in the case of a student car accident on the way to a school event.

The request came from the athletic office’s director Jay Getty, who contacted the coaches of all the school’s sports teams in an effort to convey the rule change.

“Coaches can decide if they want to take a bus or have parents participate in the transportation,” Getty said. “However, buses are only available for sports team use after 4:30 p.m., and that can interfere with the start times of competitions.” Getty also said that if the team does chose to request a bus, the athletics department covers the cost.

To become eligible for driving student athletes to and from competitions, parents had to first fill out a drivers form, present their license and personally drop off the materials to the athletics office. According to the contract that students and their parents signed agreeing to the change, only approved adults are considered.
“This is not a new rule, we are just becoming stricter on the enforcement of it,” Getty said.” It’s in an effort to provide the safest environment for students.”