Students show true colors at annual talent show


photo by Faith Marino

Senior Joe Davis sings “The Climb.” The entire audience sang along and waved their flashlights in the air in support.

Students show true colors at annual talent show

After another talent show, hosted by TV Production as a part of this year’s homecoming week agenda, fan favorite senior Joe Davis brought things to a close for the night as he was handed the microphone and he broke into song. All 17 contestants danced and laughed together as they celebrated the top three winners the judges announced: senior Soomin Eum in first place, seniors Francheska Olazabal-Vega and Faith Nichols in second, and sophomore Benjamin Rutan in third.

Donna Parker and the TV Production class directed the talent show to raise funds and school spirit, as it has been every year. Between long-time veterans and first-time performers, contestants showed a large range of experience in performing.

Eum, who took first place for her act, “Dreams,” has been dancing since she was three. The talent show is only a stepping stone toward a future in the field.

“It’s always been a passion of mine,” Eum said. “I want to keep dancing in college.”

Other beginners are relatively new to music but still passionate about it, like Rutan, who sang and played on the guitar “I See Fire.”

“I have always had an ear for music, but I didn’t really get into it until a couple years ago,” said Rutan. “I want to learn to play everything… like guitar, piano, drums.”

To perform in front of a crowd of hundreds may have seemed like an intimidating prospect for most of the contestants, especially if it was their first time. Those who did duets had fun with it because they could support each other, like Olazabal-Vega and Nichols, who sang “If I Ain’t Got You.”

“I was super nervous,” Olazabal-Vega said. “I was scared. But I just looked at my partner… [and] it made me more comfortable. It was just better working with someone.”