Slow start, fast finish for third season of “13 Reasons Why”


photo by Netflix

“13 Reasons Why” has become one of Netflix’s most popular TV series since season one came out in 2017. Season three was released Aug. 23.

In the first two seasons of Netflix’s teen drama, “13 Reasons Why,”  Bryce Walker, played by Justin Prentice, is the series antagonist. In the third season that premiered Aug. 23, Bryce’s body is discovered and the story becomes a classic case of ‘Who did it?’ 

The first episode of the season introduces an outgoing and geeky new girl, Ani Anchola, played by Grace Saif. The season’s plot builds off events from the previous seasons, events revolving around what Bryce has done and the events from the trial.

The series starts off pretty slow and features a lot of confusing flashbacks. Ani’s experience as the new kid at school and during and after the homecoming game.  The season show how all of the events played a part in the mystery of Bryce’s death and were not just there to waste time like staring at the wall for an hour.

Majority of the series does not start in the present, which was hard to understand for the first couple of episodes. It is hard to tell what happened in what order and  information that the viewers know but the characters do not. This does not work very well though as it is one big jumbled mess that takes forever to get through.

Throughout the season, the plot was repetitive. The group of friends basically get a new piece of evidence, they learn a lesson and then the cycle repeats almost like a set of instructions for the most basic of tasks. These lessons are shown in most media and are getting overused. The show needs to come up with more original lessons 

Though the season started off slow, the episodes get more suspenseful with each piece of evidence revealed like one expected to happen throughout the season. The series gives clues that will make viewers start to make theories about who is guilty and who is innocent, and then watch every episode to see if their theory is correct. Plot is revealed like an old radio show where waiting impatiently is just a given task only for the ending to be short and not worth the wait.

 Also, some characters like Clay Jensen, played by Dylan Minnete, remained a bit boring and was no longer worthy of being a favorite throughout the season. Meanwhile, other characters like Ani Anchola and Tyler Down, played by Devin Druid, did grow to be personal favorites as Ani learned about friendship and Tyler learned how to deal with his self-image.

The characters of the series each fit into one category. There is the goth kid, jock, and the nerd. It seems pretty unoriginal. Every character seems to be in a box about what they can and cannot do. It would be more interesting to see characters with similarities and bring a new twist to TV stereotypes. 

“13 Reasons Why” tells a story that is cliché and is thorough with the way they present new information. It makes viewers want to know the ending, but skip through all of the episodes to get there. However, each episode is crucial to the ending like studying for a test. It may seem like a waste, but the reward could be what is wanted or just flop

People intending to watch the season should be aware that the season does not get binge-worthy until around the last two episodes, but the ending is not worth all the wait. It could have been revealed earlier to make the season actually get interesting earlier and not seem like waiting through traffic.