For the love of YouTube

Seniors Sophia and Arden at the Sammys award ceremony they hosted on May 24.

photo by Sharon Shots

Seniors Sophia and Arden at the Sammy’s award ceremony they hosted on May 24.

With nothing to go from but a mutual interest in video editing and the bond of their friendship, seniors Sophia Mancia and Arden Reidy launched their YouTube channel, “soph & arden,” with a Q&A video on Jan. 3, 2018. Since then they have garnered over 10,000 subscribers and a significant notoriety on campus.

Their channel has developed rapidly over the past year and a half, and the content consists mostly of “vlogs,” where they record themselves throughout the day, “haul” videos that showcase various items of clothing they purchased, or “challenge” videos where they play games or make up contests to do.

Despite the overall success and popularity of their channel, however, they have received backlash. It is commonplace, especially on YouTube, to find harsh and disrespectful remarks in the comment sections of almost every video.

“With a lot of love comes a lot of hate,” Reidy said. “We knew from the beginning that if our channel ever took off, there would be a lot of hate. But honestly… having Sophia to deal with it with me makes it a lot easier.”

Mancia and Reidy’s friendship has proved resilient since they first met last year, through Twitter and mutual friends. YouTube has only gone to strengthen their bond even more with their shared passion for producing videos.

“To work toward your goals with your best friend and share successes and every milestone together is unmatchable, and honestly the most rewarding aspect of it all,” Mancia said.

Together, Mancia and Reidy have been able to express their personalities and personal styles through their videos. Inspired by other famous YouTubers like Emma Chamberlain, the Dolan twins and James Charles, they are pushed to work even harder put a unique twist on their videos.

As seniors on the verge of graduation, they have realized their passion. With balancing schedules and finding the time to work on videos through the school year, it can be hard to manage their channel. However, they have created fun memories through it that boosts their motivation more than anything else.

“I remember when we did our first skit, on different types of high schoolers,” Mancia said. “I had never laughed harder than when we filmed that.”

They will be attending college together, and as their channel has begun to flourish, they have made the decision to focus more on it. They plan to upload two videos a week over the summer, and pursue it beyond school.

“[YouTube] allows an outlet for anyone to be themselves and show the world who they are in their own way,” Mancia said. “We’re both super excited and dedicated to posting all the time… I think our channel will grow with time.”

Regardless of school, jobs and other responsibilities, the channel has been a way for them to express their creativity as a team.

“It’s one thing to share a hobby with your best friend,” Reidy said. “It’s another to be able to create pieces of art together and share those memories.”