School Shooting Threat Defused

Admin. Deals with false allegations and a panicked community

Over spring break, allegations of a school shooting threat were made by an anonymous student. Questionable Instagram pictures posted on another student’s account alarmed parents, faculty and students. Images of weapons with threatening captions were deemed “disturbing”, however after investigationing these allegations, school authorities state that the incident has been defused and handled with the correct amount of precautionary measures.

The student made no action toward physically threatening the safety of the school and school officials said that the situation online was “blown out of proportion,”. The student was Baker Acted, or forcibly put in a mental institution for 72 hours for examination, and was monitored upon release. School Resource Officer David Attaway said, “I think once social media got ahold of the situation, people reacted based on what they heard, not the facts. There were definitely false threats floating around.”  

After a thorough  investigation, the student in question, who acted in a “delusional and confused state of mind,” according to administrator Jay Getty, “did not present any credible threat to any school.”

In light of these events, the school allowed students an excused absence for Monday, March 25.

“Administration gave the excused absence because it provided the student body an opportunity to deal with their own fears and uncertainties.” said Getty.