JV girls soccer dominates season

Winnie Meyers, Reviews Editor

Concussions, fouls, undefeated – three words to sum up the girls’ junior varsity soccer season.  After 11 games, the girls remain unbeaten.

“It feels really good to be undefeated,” freshman starting forward Sydney Stoneback said. “I’m really proud of my team because at first I didn’t think we would be that good.”

The girls have dominated 11 straight games, including a blowout 8-0 win against Seminole High School with goals from  Stoneback, freshmen Vanessa Davenport, Darby Brooks, Jessicka Birr, Ashlyn Mecabe and junior Emily Darden.

The skill the girls possess comes with hard work.  Weekly, the players have three 90 minute practices that consist of different exercises including running and skill training.

“Average practices are usually really hot and since we have 32 players on our team, they’re usually pretty crowded,” Carroll said.

These practices pay off and the girls continue to win and dominate in the district.

“We are a really good team,” Stoneback said.  “We can communicate without getting mad at each other, and we just work well together.”

In contrast, the game against the Oviedo JV team on Dec 3 was not as easily completed as the other games.

“Oviedo likes to push a lot, and the refs don’t call it because they’re blind,” Stoneback said.

The girls played two games against Oviedo, the first of which they won 2-1 with several fouls called on both sides.  The second game ended in a “nasty” tie.

“It was going really well and we were up 1-0, and it was a clean game for the most part,” freshman goalie Bailey Carroll said.  “They knocked me out.”

Within the last three minutes of the game, a player from Oviedo in an attempt to score, kicked Carroll in the face.  Carroll received a concussion and was evacuated to the hospital in an ambulance.

“I just remember laying on the ground and not being able to feel my hands or get up,” Carroll said.

Because the game had under three minutes left, it was called, and the girls received their first and only tie, 1-1.  The kick to the face had not counted as a foul, but the goal made after was.

Though the game ended roughly, Carroll and other players prefer to play difficult teams like Oviedo.

“If the team isn’t as skilled, then the game is usually not as exciting because we’re just constantly scoring,” Carroll said.  “But if the team is a hard one like Oviedo, then the game is really exciting especially when you win because you can just celebrate that you beat your rivals.”