Exploring Engineering


photo by SWE

The female engineering students were given the opportunity to teach classes at the SWE Conference last year. This conference allows high school students to work on projects and hear stories from experts.

Society of Women Engineers College Day, an engineering outreach event for girls in high school, will be held on Saturday, April 6 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m at UCF in the Business Administration I building. This event is an opportunity for girls to find out more about the engineering field. They will be given the chance to work on projects and to listen to the stories of professional female engineers.

Last year, senior Emma Register attended this event in order to learn more about engineering and what field she wanted to go in.

I loved seeing examples of different projects that people had participated and completed in their years at UCF,” Register said.

Participants can interact with and ask engineering students and professionals regarding engineering coursework, disciplines, internships and careers during the workshops through a series of panels. This is the chance for high schoolers “to get a taste of what college engineering is like,” according to ucfswe.org.

The purpose of the UCF SWE Outreach program is “to spark an interest in younger girls for engineering and other STEM majors.” They do this by organizing days at UCF with interactive activities, which are planned by engineering students. The workshops focus on various engineering fields, including mechanical, civil, electrical, aerospace, computer, environmental and industrial. They allow the girls to learn engineering concepts and put them into action through associated projects.  

This year, there is no cost to attend SWE College Day however, they will be accepting donations to help fund future outreach events. Lunch will be provided.

Interested students can register here.