Youth Advisory Council goes to City Hall


photo by Michael McNamara

The Oviedo Youth Council met with City Hall on Feb. 6

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, the first Youth Advisory Council from Hagerty visited the Oviedo City Council to introduce themselves and discuss their role at City Hall, including deputy mayor Bob Pollack, and councilmember Jeff Chudnow.

“We presented ourselves to the actual city council members and talked about who we are, what we do, what we have achieved, and what we are looking to achieve,” said sophomore Tai Markman.

Founded and led by senior Michael McNamara, the youth advisory group allows students to gain experience and knowledge in city government, as well as helping out the community.

“Recently we presented the Youth Council and its goal to the City Council, followed by a tribute to the victims of the Parkland shooting a year ago this February 14,” McNamara said.

Their biggest achievements and changes they have made lie within the military veteran and active duty community. Sophomore Alex Tao notes that the Youth Council has pushed to make Oviedo a “Purple Heart city”, meaning that they want to put more of a focus on helping veterans and active service members.

“We have made many volunteer achievements and we are very involved in getting letters to active service members to help them gain morale and hear from home,” said sophomore Tai Markman.

After attending “Boy’s State,” a leadership program that brought many community leaders from the state of Florida together, McNamara was inspired to start a change in Oviedo, which prompted him and friend Oviedo senior Christian Conrad from Oviedo High School to start a council.

“Seeing these remarkable future leaders of society, and what they gave to their communities, I knew I had to bring a part of this program back to the city of Oviedo. I approached my friend and together we brought the idea to city government and they full-heartedly approved,” McNamara said.

Applications for the Youth Advisory Council will be available in a couple of weeks for all rising freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Meetings are held on weekends and during city council meetings.





Hagerty Members

Michael McNamara: Michael McNamara is a co-leader and founder of the Oviedo Youth Council.

Lindsey Jackson: Lindsey Jackson currently sponsors the Oviedo Youth Council.

Hannah Sanchez: Hannah Sanchez is the current Director of Media.

Taylor Johnson: Taylor Johnson is the current Director of Communications.

Tai Markman: Tai Markman has been a  member of the Oviedo Youth Council since October.

Da’Zhaun Hicks: Da’Zhaun Hicks has been a  member of the Oviedo Youth Council since October.

Alex Tao: Alex Tao has been a  member of the Oviedo Youth Council since October.