A film to snatch your attention

A film to snatch your attention

Everyone knows that characters in movies have to make decisions but getting to choose the decisions for the character is something only the new film Blackmirror: Bandersnatch can do. Blackmirror: Bandersnatch is about a  troubled programmer who starts to question reality when he adapts a mad writer’s fantasy novel into a video game.

At certain places in the movie the viewer can select one of two choices. However, if the wrong answer is chosen and the character either dies or gets caught the movie will direct you back to the last scene to fix the mistakes you made. In the end, everyone ends up with the same plot no matter what choices they make during the movie. Since it is interactive and interesting it causes viewers to watch it more than once to see what happens in other paths.

This movie originates from the TV show Black Mirror which is popular with young viewers. Although there were dark undertones the show has been a huge hit. The plotline started off normal but quickly became suspenseful and keep the viewers on their toes. Teens have found a way to relate to it, even if the characters are a bit crazy.

At the beginning of the show, the viewers don’t understand why the movie repeats and goes back if you don’t click the correct answer. This split from of the predictable route carries the suspense episode through episode. It shows that the path is already chosen and that you cannot change it.

The main character is portrayed as a little out of it and crazy, and the actor does an amazing job. For example, he “chops his father up when he kills him” As the story develops, viewers can see the character developing tenseness with it, and they to empathize with the character.

The story has a realistic aspect when Fionn Whitehead who plays Stefan Butler goes to therapy sessions,  obviously has problems making friends, and has family issues. Many viewers can relate and that makes the movie more enjoyable to watch.

The ending no matter what choices you pick always plot always ends up the same, again showing that the ending is already predetermined.

Some people consider the humor and plot to be outlandish or too dark. With the popularity and success of the movie, hopefully more interactive movies will come out on Netflix soon for the public to enjoy.